‘Is your home really this unhappy?’ WH mocked over pro-Biden talking points for Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinners are supposed to be a time when families come together, put aside the world, and focus on togetherness. A time when differences melt away, hearts […]

Delusional or desperate? Dems say Biden is seen as ‘Trump slayer’ who can do it again in 2024

President Joe Biden may be the Democrats’ only hope to ‘slay’ Donald Trump if he were to receive the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley […]

Tampax ‘BEYOND inappropriate’ tweet sexualizing tampons traced back to King Charles and Camilla

Tampax is once again on the business end of social media’s anger after a bizarre tweet about menstruation caused confusion and disgust. “You’re in their DMs. We’re […]

David Hogg is trying out a new catchphrase. Let’s see how it’s going

Leftist darling and gun control advocate David Hogg is trying to coin a new progressive buzzword, and it’s not going that great. On Monday, he decided to […]

VP Harris appears ready to walk off stage before being reminded to greet servicemembers

Vice President Kamala Harris was giving a speech in the Philippines when it los like she had to be reminded to greet the servicemen and women standing […]

‘Permanently suspended’ MTG Twitter account is back, and she’s got something to say!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has not been able to access her personal account for nearly a year. On Monday, she announced that it had finally […]

Too far? Angry mob comes for woman who foolishly climbed sacred Mayan pyramid

A blonde woman in brightly colored clothes figured out the hard way that disrespecting monuments can come with some serious backlash in foreign countries. Unlike in the […]

High-profile Rep pitches himself to replace Nancy Pelosi on Dem throne

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announces she will no longer seek a leadership role within the Democrat Party, someone has to step up to fill the […]

AOC gives ‘shout out’ to all Twitter workers who ‘deserved so much better’, Musk does not let it slide

Billionaire CEO Elon Musk has been doing some serious housecleaning over at the blue bird headquarters, but he has found time to troll the histrionic liberals […]

Actress Denise Richards ‘visibly shaken’ after being shot at in random Calif. road rage attack

As crime in America skyrockets, even the rich and famous are finding themselves falling victim to random (and sometimes not-so-random) acts of violence. Actress Denise Richards recently […]

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