‘A bad and dangerous precedent’: Columbine survivor discusses sentencing of school shooter’s parents

The sentencing of Ethan Crumbley’s parents brought thoughtful criticism from a Columbine school shooting survivor. Craig Scott discussed the historic decision to punish Jennifer and James Crumbley […]

Rolling Stone reports RFK Jr’s ‘number one priority’ is to take votes from Joe Biden

Rolling Stone is once again wading into the political sphere, and this time they’ve got their eyes on Robert F Kennedy Jr. The article, titled ‘RFK Jr. […]

‘Star Wars’ icon Billy Dee Williams shuns ‘victimhood,’ defends blackface: ‘If you’re an actor you should be able to do anything you want’

The use of blackface has long been decried as a racist act meant to demean and belittle black people, but the actor who played Lando Calrissian in […]

Gov. Youngkin vows ‘barbaric’ MS-13 goons who stabbed hero K-9 to death ‘will be held accountable’

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is in mourning after learning of the horrific stabbing death of a K-9 who was protecting two lives. A sudden prison attack at […]

Despite desperate attempt to make it work, report finds Dems are essentially ditching ‘Bidenomics’

It would appear that Democrats have all but abandoned the phrase “Bidenomics” according to a new report by Axios. Despite using the word to try to boost […]

MSNBC points out Biden is ‘significantly lagging’ behind Trump in one telling donor demographic

With eight months left until the nation heads to the polls to decide the next president, MSNBC is noticing what could be a significant problem for the […]

California PD protects identities of suspects by posting pics with LEGO HEADS

A California Law is forcing police officers to get creative with pictures of suspects, and one department is already garnering attention for their editing skills. Signed by […]

Ted Cruz is ‘jealous’ of Katie Britt’s SNL portrayal: ‘Look, Scarlett Johansson is hot’

Senators Ted Cruz and Katie Britt jed about being portrayed on Saturday Night Live after “hot” Scarlett Johansson played Britt for a State of the Union skit. […]

‘Legend’ on his way to becoming NC’s next governor: ‘Quite literally the definition of based’

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of North Carolina is one step closer to winning it all after clinching the state’s Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday. Not only is […]

Target offers robot nail manicures: ‘It takes 10 minutes and you don’t have to tip’

As prices rise across the nation, beauty rs are loing for affordable alternatives to their standard self-care routines. Those loing for a manicure that doesn’t require […]

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