Trump’s unconstitutional gag order coupled with Bidens fingerprints creates pressure cooker

Fox News host Jesse Watters offered a compelling argument for why the gag order imposed on former President Donald Trump in his hush money trial is so unprecedented.

“The trial of the century, day six,” Watters said to open the segment. “The crime — the Democrats still haven’t named. They call it hush money. We call it a porn star shakedown. Nothing in the law calls either illegal.”

“Trump’s free speech went on trial today,” the Fox News host offered. “Democrat prosecutors want the former president fined for talking — $1000 a pop. Something tells me that won’t make it stop. [Manhattan District Attorney Alvin] Bragg’s begging the judge to gag the Republican nominee for president from talking about the prosecutor, complaining he did it right here in the hallway outside. Oh, no!”

Insisting that it’s “unconstitutional” to gag Republicans in election season, Watters said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow could be on the jury and Trump “still wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it.”

In sharing the monologue online, Watters cut to the chase: “Trump’s gagged and there’s no cameras, so voters have to trust what the reporters in the room say… The same reporters who pushed the Russia, laptop, and lab leak hoaxes. Biden’s fingerprints are all over this, as we learn Trump’s team is accusing the White House of not just being privy to the classified document case against Trump — but being the driving force behind it.”

Trump said last week that Biden was “in charge” of the trial in New York City and charged that the president’s “top people are here, working with the DA’s office to make sure everything goes right.”

Ironically, the prosecutors argued Tuesday that Trump had repeatedly broken a gag order, citing an incident last week during jury selection involving Jesse Watters that they called “very troubling,” according to the New York Times.

The former president shared a quote from Watters that read, “They are catching undercover Liberal Activists lying to the Judge in order to get on the Trump Jury.”

Meanwhile, over at CNN, the talking heads are working hard to dispel any notions that gagging the presumptive Republican presidential nominee during the run-up to the election is untoward.

Network anchor Kaitlan Collins argued, “Is there any greater irony than complaining about a gag order and saying it restricts you from speaking while you’re speaking to cameras and media? Who’s in the hallway?”

This came after she noted that Trump could not publicly counter testimony heard in the trial — in this case, ex-National Enquirer publisher David Pecker testifying about a “catch and kill” strategy employed in 2016 to snuff out unsavory stories about Trump.

“Obviously, Trump’s coming out and he can’t talk about David Pecker individually and go after what he just listened to for several hours, him on the witness stand. And clearly that’s bothering him,” Collins said.

CNN host Paul Reid chimed in to discount the suggestion that the gag order is unconstitutional.

“But this is unprecedented. To have a candidate for the White House as a criminal defendant, we’ve never been here before,” Reid said.

Tom Tillison


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