Young Chicago crooks target Range Rover dealership in Wisconsin, make off with NINE stolen SUVs

A group of young criminals from Chicago are reportedly responsible for a massive car dealership robbery that occurred last week.

The young criminals traveled to Waukesha, Wisconsin, where last Sunday they broke into a Jaguar/Land Rover car dealership and drove off with nine vehicles worth over an estimated $500,000.

CCTV video footage from inside the dealership shows the young criminals dressed in all black and rushing around the dealership before hopping into vehicles and driving them out of the parking lot.


“A stolen vehicle, a minivan, comes to the dealership. They open the service door, and nine subjects went throughout there looking for keys,” Waukesha police Capt. Dan Baumann told local station WISN.

“One person finds where the keys were hidden and then starts to disseminate those to his friends,” he added.

The Waukesha Police Department was alerted to the robbery early on the morning of Feb. 18th after a maintenance worker at the dealership noticed that one of the service garage doors was busted.

A total of nine vehicles were stolen, one of which was owned by a customer.

According to WISN, at one point police in nearby West Allies received a call about a convoy of cars being driven by masked men/women.

“West Allis officers located the group of vehicles on Greenfield Avenue, and the drivers took off onto Interstate 894,” WISN notes. “West Allis police chased the vehicles south on I-894 and onto southbound Interstate 94.”

“Wisconsin Department of Transportation cameras captured the nearly 40-mile chase and one of the Range Rovers crashing near Pleasant Prairie,” according to the station.

The driver of the crashed Range Rover was taken into custody. By the morning of Feb. 19th, six of the vehicles had been located, four of them in Chicago.

(Source: Waukesha Police Department)

Baumann told local station WDJT that he believes the young criminals are part of an organized crime ring.

“This isn’t an ‘Oops, I fell into somebody’s car and I drove away because I didn’t know any better,’” he said. “This is an intentional act where you broke into a business with eight of your buddies thinking you’re fun and going to make a couple of bucks trying to sell this in the Chicago area.”

Unfortunately, crime rings appear to be a dime a dozen in crime-infested Chicago.

Just last week four Chicago residents part of another ring were charged with felony retail theft, eluding and obstructing officers, and possession of drugs as per crimes they also committed in Waukesha.

“Waukesha police responded to a retail theft on Feb. 21 just before 3 p.m. for a report of retail theft at the Meijer on Tenny Avenue and Sunset Drive,” according to WISN.

“The store reported suspects from a retail theft group in Chicago were stealing medication in a large tote bag. The store said a man left with the tote bag without paying,” the station reported.

(Source: WISN)

When the authorities arrived on the scene, the suspects entered their white Dodge Durango with Illinois plates and fled, triggering a chase by Officer Smidt that eventually reached speeds of 94 mph.

The Durango eventually turned into a marshy area and reportedly got stuck, giving Smidt the opportunity to set up a perimeter. That’s when one of the criminals, Rayvontay Hutchins, exited the Durango and approached the officer.

“[O]fficers ordered Hutchins to put his hands in the air,” according to WISN. “Hutchins put his hands in the air, then let them drop to his sides and started looking at his phone. Officers continued to ask him to put his hands in the air.”

“Hutchins appeared to dial a number on his phone. Smidt warned Hutchins that police would release a K9 if Hutchins did not comply. Hutchins began to walk toward the officers while talking on the phone,” the station reported.

Hutchins continued to not listen, prompting the officers to unleash their canine on him, after which he was finally handcuffed.

“In the ambulance on the way to the hospital for his bite, Hutchins told detectives his name was Darrell D. Young. However, detectives found his ID. He admitted to giving them a fake name and knew he had an active arrest warrant,” WISN notes.

The other suspects were identified as Tashyla Ellis, Margie Taylor, and Jamar Humphrey.

Vivek Saxena


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