Young children forced to sleep among random ‘single men’ in crowded NYC migrant centers, alarm grows

New York City’s sanctuary status, already a concern for citizens, is now proving a safety issue for illegal aliens as well with adult males posing a risk of “infectious disease” and “sexual assault” to children.

Busloads of aliens have continued arriving in the Big Apple and Mayor Eric Adams’ (D) mishandling of the invited crisis has resulted in a shortage of housing options. The limited space at the latest repurposed facility, the old NYPD academy gym in Manhattan’s Gramercy neighborhood, led to children sleeping on cots in the same space as groups of single men.

The New York Post spoke with individuals at the shelter that spread out rows of cots to accommodate temporary housing and confirmed kids were sleeping alongside unknown and potentially dangerous men.

“I am with my family and there are strangers too,” 14-year-old Gutierrez Yorman of Venezuela told the Post.

“We have inside single men,” added 29-year-old Alan Cardena of Panama who was traveling with his mother. “We don’t know if it’s safe. We sleep on the basketball court. So it’s just one floor for everybody.”

Cardena estimated that five teens and as many as a dozen children younger than seven years old were at the shelter, including “little girls.”

Reacting to reports, the Coalition for the Homeless released a joint statement Monday with the Legal Aid Society that said in part, “The City cannot shelter families with children in congregate settings.”

“Private sleeping quarters are required for families’ safety, for mothers to privately nurse newborns, to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases, and to prevent sexual assault,” they continued. “The City assured us that these families would receive appropriate shelter placement today.”

Administration officials continued playing the blame game, including Department of Social Services Commissioner Molly Park who said during the City Council budget hearing Monday, “We anticipate that we will be moving those families in the next 24 to 48 hours.”

“The intent is that this is a short term overflow facility, so the initial people who were placed there have already been moved out and we’re working closely with the NYCEM team that is operating the site on a day-to-day basis to make sure there is a flow of individuals,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Adams’ spokesman Fabien Levy pointed fingers outside the city and said, “We currently have no other options but to temporarily house recent arrivals in gyms. We’ve been asking for support for a year, and now with Title 42 being lifted this week and with hundreds of asylum seekers already arriving in New York City every day, we desperately need federal and state support more than ever to quickly manage this crisis.”

Furthermore, ABC reported that aliens were being bussed out of the city to nearby Rockland County without advance notice as Adams’ chief of staff Camille Joseph Varlack issued a citywide memo, obtained by the Post, to agencies asking that they “conduct an internal review of any properties or spaces in your portfolio that may be available to be repurposed to house asylum-seekers as temporary shelter spaces. If there is current programming please include programming that is.”

Roughly 61,000 aliens have entered NYC over the course of the last year and more than 37,000 of those were said to be living in shelters funded or operated by the city.

Kevin Haggerty


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