Actor Rob Schneider puts country before career to speak against government mess: If enough people will just say, ‘enough of this’

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider has delighted fans for decades with his unique style and comedic charm but he is greatly concerned with the country’s lurch into full-blown authoritarianism, a process that has picked up steam since the 2016 election when the political left abandoned longstanding American values in pursuit of raw power, and he called for a return to normalcy during an appearance on Fox News.

The former SNL funnyman dropped by “One Nation” on Saturday where he talked about his career and a return to stand-up comedy with host Brian Kilmeade, also discussing why he doesn’t fear speaking up on contentious political issues while talking about what worries him the most about his children’s future.

When you have little kids and you start thinking about, ‘Well, I got a good nest egg for them to take care of them financially,’ but then, like, what does that matter if the country that they live in where like you know, you have a guy, a president wins at midnight, 3 in the morning and loses?” he asked, laughing sardonically “At a certain point you have to think, what are you really leaving behind?”

(Video: Fox News)

“If enough people will just say, ‘enough of this,’ and it’s not just the Democrats, it’s the Republicans, too, because they don’t want to give up that power either,” he continued, putting a pox on both political houses.

“And so you really have to, I think, make, make a case for a return to normal, the normal hatred that we have in our government,” for all three branches to make it fairer with the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches having to be competitive with each other.

“It’s not going to be a perfect system. This is a you know, this is a constitutional republic that we have — it’s not fair. It’s not going to be fair for everybody, but it is a better system,” he said. “And all you have to do is look around to see what’s happening in Europe and China, and you go, like, ‘you know what? It’s still really darn good here.'”

“But I do think we have to stop the encroachment of some sort of authoritarianism, which is happening now,” Schneider added.

The beloved star previously touched upon the theme of an authoritarian America last month on Twitter, responding to a fan who expressed a desire to not hear him talk about politics.

“I make my living as an actor & comedian. I love my job but I love people and my country and freedom of expression even more,” Schneider said. “I believe, in every way possible, each of us should be examples to others of standing up for what you believe in the face of authoritarianism.”

“I believe we in western civilization have departed from ‘The Age of Reason,’ and are now falling into ‘The Age of Emotion.’ We are in the process of trading critical thinking and logic for the excesses of ‘how one feels.’ Rational people are the new heretics who dare question it,” he added. “This ‘Age of Emotions’ has it’s belief systems and superstitions that act as a religion. You are not allowed to question any part of it or you are excommunicated. At the same time the world is experiencing democracy fatigue. Which opens the door to totalitarianism.

“And now with the help of big tech, government has at its disposal new enormous powers to control narratives & crush any dissent & to destroy people who resist or fight back.
Crisis after crisis will continue to be used to eliminate individual liberties,” he said, noting the dangerous alliance of Big Tech and Big Government authoritarians who work hand-in-hand to stifle free speech through the “public-private partnership.”

Schneider’s stand-up tour will open this week with a series of shows in Phoenix, AZ before stops in multiple cities across the country over the coming months.

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