Adam Kinzinger inadvertently prompts Pepe the Frog meme explosion after smearing Elon Musk

While there are few certainties in politics one thing that can be counted on is that outgoing U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., will glom onto the latest narrative being pushed by the left to solidify his sole means of relevance — that being a fly in the ointment to irritate the right.

And Job #1 for the left right now is taking on free speech absolutist Elon Musk, who threatens to upset their entire apple cart by exposing just how far-reaching the efforts have been to silence voices on the right. A close second is exploiting recent antisemitism allegations to paint Donald Trump as erratic and this is where Kinzinger went for a two-fer in suggesting that Musk was antisemitic because the new Twitter boss asked who’s pulling Alexander Vindman’s strings.

“You mean, like, the Jews or something? Is that what this is?” Kinzinger tweeted, in response to Musk’s tweet.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was at the center of the first sham impeachment of Donald Trump, providing “evidence” as a star witness for Democrats that resulted in an abuse of power charge against the former president — he listened in on the phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

He was among a group of many who tweeted: “Kinda weird that @elonmusk gets to decide how like a half-billion people communicate. Way too much power for one erratic individual to wield, don’t you think?”

Musk replied to suggest the tweets were from “bots in human form,” adding that “spamming, whether done by a set of humans or bots is against ToS.”

Kinzinger would double down on smearing Musk as an antisemite by responding to a Pepe the Frog meme the latter had shared — and that would be his undoing.

In the eyes of some, Pepe the Frog is seen as a hate signal, but this is more of an exception than the rule, with the Anti-Defamation League stating that context matters.

At the same time, Kinzinger’s latest self-righteous stand prompted a virtual meme explosion online, proving he remains an unending source of entertainment — here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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