Alec Baldwin settles defamation suit with Gold Star Family after smearing one of them as J6 ‘insurrectionist’

Far-left Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has reportedly settled a $25 million defamation suit that was filed against him by a Gold Star family.

The suit was filed two years ago by the widow and sisters of deceased Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, who died in Afghanistan during President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from the Middle Eastern nation.

The family filed the suit after Baldwin reportedly used Instagram to smear them as “insurrectionists” because one of them had attended the “Stop the Steal” rally that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6th, 2021.

“Baldwin donated $5,000 to McCollum’s wife. … But that generosity allegedly turned when Baldwin found out earlier this month that the Marine’s sister, Roice McCollum, is a supporter of former President Donald Trump,” NBC News reported on Jan. 20th, 2022.

“Just two weeks ago, she posted an Instagram picture from Jan. 6 last year of a woman wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap and a crowd of demonstrators near the Washington Monument,” according to NBC News.

When Baldwin saw the photo, he wrote under the image, “Are you the same woman that I sent the $ to for your sister’s husband who was killed during the Afghanistan exit?”

(Source: Journalist Emily Miller)

When Roice McCollum confirmed that she indeed was, Baldwin lost his ever-loving mind, writing in a private message, “When I sent you the $ for your late brother, out of a real respect for his service to our country, I didn’t know you were a January 6th rioter.”

But according to the lawsuit, she never entered the Capitol: “She was never detained, arrested, accused of or charged with any crime.” Yet when she tried to explain this to Baldwin, he refused to listen.

“Baldwin wasn’t satisfied with that explanation and lumped her in with Capitol rioters, allegedly saying they’re responsible for ‘the unlawful destruction of government property, the death of a law enforcement officer, an assault on the certification of the presidential election,'” according to NBC News.

Worse, he then reposted her MAGA photo to his Instagram and sicced his millions of followers on her, leading her family to be harassed.

“Within minutes of Baldwin’s alleged posting, Roice McCollum said, she was flooded with ‘hundreds of hateful messages,’ according to the lawsuit. One of the alleged messages read, ‘Get raped and die … Your brother got what he deserved,'” NBC News notes.

“These messages included the vilest allegations accusing them of ‘white supremacy,’ of dishonoring LCPL McCollum’s legacy, equating them with ISIS, calling them traitors, calling them Nazis, telling them that their brother died in vain, and imploring Baldwin to ‘get a refund’ of the money he ‘anonymously’ donated to Jiennah and her daughter, Levi,” the lawsuit itself reads.

Look (*Language warning):

(Source: Journalist Emily Miller)

In fairness to Baldwin, he did reportedly acknowledge the hate mail.

“There are hateful things toward you that are wrong. Irony was my point. The irony of sincerely wanting to honor your brother and the fact you are an insurrectionist,” he reportedly wrote to Roice.

Yet when confronted by Roice’s supporters, he doubled down.

“I gratefully supported the gofundme campaign while simultaneously not knowing the woman I approached is an insurrectionist. I think that’s…remarkable,” he wrote.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, when journalist Emily Miller confirmed that Baldwin “appears to have settled the $25 million defamation lawsuit.”

“My clients are happy that this matter is over. They look forward to moving on, without Alec Baldwin in their lives,” the McCollum family’s attorney, Dennis Postiglione, told her.

However, Baldwin’s attorney later claimed to the Daily Mail that his client “did not make any payment to settle this case.” It’s therefore not clear what exactly is meant by the case being settled …

The Daily Mail for its part notes that “US District Judge Edgardo Ramos had previously dismissed the lawsuit against Baldwin, saying his comments were protected by the First Amendment.”

Judge Ramos then gave the family til Sept. 12th of this year to file a revised complaint, but that complaint was subsequently rejected for being filed in the wrong state.

“Rylee was the type of person to always root for the underdog— anyone who couldn’t help themselves. He would drop everything to help someone if he could,” McCollum wife, Gigi, said in an interview when the family originally filed the suit.

“That’s why this whole situation makes me mad. Alec Baldwin uses his power and influence to hurt people instead of helping them. I just want him to know he can’t get away with it. People will fight back,” she added.

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