Alyssa Milano blasted for attending Super Bowl with her son after Go Fund Me scandal

Actress Alyssa Milano was dragged on social media for attending the 2024 Super Bowl with her son weeks after she had promoted a GoFundMe for his baseball team.

The left-wing activist, who is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million, posted about “bonding” with her “buddy” at the Super Bowl LVIII game at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. But the post which included a picture of her with 12-year-old son Milo Thomas Bugliari sparked immediate backlash on Instagram where the 51-year-old was called out as a “rich beggar.”

“Tickets to the biggest night in the NFL are said to cost between $950 and $9,500 on average, so the 51-year-old Charmed alum – whose estimated net worth is $10M – could clearly afford nice seats,” Daily Mail reported. “Alyssa’s post about ‘bonding’ with her ‘buddy’ received scathing comments from some of her captive, combined 10.5M social media followers.”



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Last month’s controversy over Milano’s GoFundMe appeal, which aimed to raise $10,000 for her son’s team to travel for away games, sparked heated criticism over why the millionaire would be “begging” for donations rather than fork over the funds herself.

Milano had responded to the negative comments with a message of her own.

“Every parent raises money for their child’s sports teams and many of them do so through GoFundMe. I am no different,” Milano wrote on February 1.

“As much as I’d love to pay for the entire team and their families for travel, transportation, hotel, food and beverage, uniforms, trading pins and all the things teams do for this kind of trip – I cannot afford to do so. Maybe someday. Also, if I did pay for everyone – my trolls would find something else to be hurtful about,” she added.



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But Milano’s Super Bowl post reignited criticism as Instagram users reacted.

“I hope you don’t get any negative backlash after saying you couldn’t afford to pay for your son’s team trip,” wrote Instagram user @marshazolkower.

“Sorry I can’t get past her GoFundMe crap,” Instagram user @tklowe17 commented.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask people to donate for your Super Bowl trip. #richbeggar,” wrote Instagram user @total_ed.

Milano’s post was shared on X where it got just as much attention.

Interestingly, her X post which has garnered nearly 32,000 views since it was posted late Sunday, has only a handful of comments as, the account notes, “Accounts @Alyssa_Milano follows or mentioned can reply.”

Some did defend the actress and called out the critics.

But many more on X were disgusted.

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