Amazing video captures Air Force snap ship IN HALF with ‘quicksink’ bomb

China may want to take notice, the United States military has some pretty cool toys up its sleeve and is not afraid to use them.

Recently-released footage shows the Air Force dropping a 2,000lb JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) on a derelict cargo ship in the Gulf of Mexico. The Courageous can be seen innocently floating along until an  F-15E Strike Eagle drops the massive bomb, which is also called the “quicksink” bomb for reasons the video makes abundantly clear.


While previous videos showcased the destructive power of the JDAM, a camera affixed to the boat shows with startling clarity the speed with which a boat will sink after being struck. The Courageous was briefly lifted out of the water by the impact, only to be thrown back down as the vessel cracked in half before slipping below the water’s surface.

The Air Force Research Lab explained the development of the “quicksink” missile by saying that the military “aims to develop a low-cost method of achieving torpedo-like seaworthy kills from the air at a much higher pace and over a much larger area than covered by a lumbering submarine.”

As tensions continue to escalate among world powers, and as China threatens to invade Taiwan and punish any country that attempts to intervene, it is no mystery why the United States would want to improve the efficiency and firepower of its military arsenal.

The modified bomb costs $30,000, is equipped with a GPS navigator and is detonated from underneath the targeted ship, lifting it into the air before it crashes back into the water. The “quicksink” missile solves the problem of giving away a submarine’s position after torpedoing an enemy vessel, which reduces the chance of vulnerability following an attack.

Sierra Marlee


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