AOC escalates war with Elon Musk by mocking his trip to the southern border

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has escalated her war with billionaire Elon Musk by mocking his trip Thursday to the southern border.

As previously reported, Musk traveled to the border Thursday to see for himself the invasion of illegal aliens flooding across the border.

While there, Fox News’s Griff Jenkins snapped a photo of Musk in a car with Texas Rep. Tony Gonzalez, a border state Republican who’s been outspoken about the problems that all the illegal migration into Texas and other states has been causing.


Responding to this particular photo, Ocasio-Cortez decided to take a dig at both Musk and Jenkins.

“What’s funny about this photo? The House is holding important votes in DC tonight, people are scrambling to avoid a shutdown, but this Republican Congressman decided to skip town to joyride with a billionaire when his own party has just a single-digit margin and needs his vote,” she tweeted.

Notice her use of the pejorative “joyride.” According to her, a visit to the flooded border — a flooded border that’s wreaking devastation on both border state cities and also blue metropolitans like New York City — is just a mindless “joyride.”

View her post below:

The post attracted massive criticism and mockery.

“You just voted against securing the border as NYC is dealing with a migrant crisis… get off twitter and work to secure the border,” one critic tweeted.

“That is funny. Like total ha and ha funny. Like I bartended my way into congress funny. Like I drive a Tesla and claim to be oppressed funny. Like I sell sweatshirts for $70 dollars while claiming to be against capitalism funny. Like my net worth went up 10,000% in just the few years I have been in congress funny. I am laughing so much now. Way too much funny,” another particularly tough critic added.

See more responses below:

Musk himself didn’t directly respond to the congresswoman’s tweet, though he did have a laugh at the latter critic’s post mocking the time in 2019 when Ocasio-Cortez staged a phony photo-op to try to make the Trump administration look bad.

All this comes days after a feud erupted between Ocasio-Cortez and Musk when the latter suggested she’s “not that smart” given her ridiculous “math” when it comes to illegal migration.

“The numbers — when it comes to people coming to New York City today — are nothing, I’m telling you, nothing, compared to the daily amounts of people that we saw coming in through Ellis Island in the first half of [last] century,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a video she posted to her Instagram account last Friday.

“We had seen just huge numbers of people coming in per day that far eclipsed what we’re seeing right now,” she added.

Author and conservative influencer Ashley St. Clair responded by mocking the congresswoman’s bizarre “math.”

“Girl math is saying immigrants coming legally through Ellis Island is the same as 3 million undocumented migrants pouring through our border and costing NYC $1,000,000,000 to house migrants for free in hotels,” she tweeted.

In response, Musk wrote, “She’s just not that smart.”

Ocasio-Cortez was NOT pleased, as seen below:

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