Clarence Thomas called ‘Uncle Tom’ on GA Senate floor in racially charged rant over his new statue

Few things are hated by the left than successful black conservatives and that is especially the case when it comes to Clarence Thomas who was slammed […]

CNN’s Jake Tapper suggests Kansas City Chiefs OC was passed over for head coaching jobs because he’s Black

Now that the NFL season is finally over and replacements for all fired head coaches have been made, the annual ritual of bemoaning the lack of black […]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein sadly confused about her own retirement announcement … as she announces it

Senator Dianne Feinstein gave the appearance that she was not aware of her own retirement despite an earlier announcement that the 89-year-old was calling it a career, […]

Scientific study finds that masks made ‘little to no difference’ in fight against COVID

A major scientific review has dealt yet another blow to the so-called “experts” with its findings that the controversial idea that face masks were an essential tool […]

Kari Lake goes viral for refusing to stand for ‘Black National Anthem’ at Super Bowl

Republican Kari Lake may have been thwarted in her bid to become the governor of Arizona but her uncompromising stance against the worst abuses of the ruthless […]

Joy Reid grumbles about Christian Super Bowl spots: ‘Jesus Christ wouldn’t spend millions on tv ads’

Left-wingers who have had great success in canceling Christianity in modern-day America are never happy when people are reminded of Jesus Christ, especially when he is the […]

What’s Trump’s beef with Rihanna? Was it ‘the single worst Halftime Show in Super Bowl history’

The annual nationally televised Super Bowl game to crown the NFL champion has become a must-see event for not only the gridiron action but also for its […]

Black national anthem at Super Bowl draws strong reaction; ‘seems racist and divisive’

The days when the Super Bowl was a unifying experience when all Americans regardless of race, class, color or creed could join together for the penultimate sporting […]

Skepticism abounds when Chinese state media says UFOs sighted over their country TOO

Seemingly intent to not miss out on the attention being paid to numerous mysterious flying objects, the communist Chinese regime has claimed that a UFO has been […]

CNN justifies Biden snubbing Fox for traditional SB interview: ‘You have extremists, people like Tucker Carlson’

In another of the divisive and undignified snits that have marked the lamentable tenure of the nation’s top Democratic party politician, President Joe Biden is snubbing Fox […]

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