Beacon of authority, Schiff says it’s possible Biden’s stashed docs endangered national security

Fresh off the report that the House speaker was moving ahead with a promise to keep Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) off the Intelligence Committee, the California lawmaker delivered a talking point-rich and hedge-filled take on President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal that danced around the “possibility” of national security concerns.

(Video: ABC News)

After Schiff ran with a bogus Russian collusion narrative for years and having been found wrapped up in the “Twitter Files” evidence of the government partnering with Big Tech to censor speech, its understandable that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) would want to keep his Democratic colleague away from future sensitive briefings. Despite such public disgrace, Schiff joined ABC News host Jon Karl on “This Week” Sunday to toe the party line on classified documents found at Biden’s former university think tank office and his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Specifically, Karl asked the congressman about the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur, not to be confused with the administration’s Special Counsel Richard Sauber who is an attorney working on Biden’s behalf. After Karl sought Schiff’s opinion of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of Hur, the legislator replied, “The attorney general has to make sure that not only is justice evenly applied but, the appearances of justice are also satisfactory to the public and here, I don’t think he had any choice but to appoint a special counsel. And I think that special counsel will do the proper assessment.”

As a follow-up, the host posited with a comparison to the documents raided from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, “Is it possible that national security was jeopardized here as many, including you, raised that possibility with the Mar-a-Lago documents?

“I don’t think we can exclude the possibility without knowing more of the facts,” Schiff argued. “We have asked for an assessment in the intelligence community of the Mar-a-Lago documents. I think we ought to get that same assessment of the documents found in the think tank, as well as the home of President Biden.”

However, as previously covered, the spoke of Hur’s investigation appears to be all for show as former Kansas Attorney General Phil Klein communicated to Fox News host Dan Bongino, “The substance is not that a special counsel has been picked, it’s what authority that they have to investigate. And when you look at the special counsel as it relates to President Biden, they have a very narrow authority according to the appointment letter, only to look at the documents.”

Klein went on to suggest that Garland himself could be compromised by the document scandal as the University of Pennsylvania, home to Biden’s think tank, is tied heavily to China and had sent a letter to the AG “asking that he end the China Initiative of the Department of Justice, which is looking at economic espionage by China.”

“Now, you have to understand that 50 percent of the most wanted list on the FBI’s fugitive list relate to espionage by China,” Klein told Bongino. “He ended it at the request of the University of Pennsylvania.”

On the matter of why regarding timing, as the original document discovery had occurred roughly a week before the midterm elections only to be reported two months later, Schiff said, “I think the administration will need to answer that question.”

“I’m going to reserve judgment until they do,” the lawmaker concluded doing little to change the opinion expressed by Bongino and held by many, “I think we’re all being scammed.”

Kevin Haggerty


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