Bezos’ squeeze Lauren Sanchez reportedly asked Kellyanne Conway to help her with image in 2020. Her response …

A new book claimed that billionaire bickering didn’t prevent Jeff Bezos’ lady love Lauren Sánchez from seeking advice within then-President Donald Trump’s inner circle.

Few things have been as clear throughout Trump’s political life as his outspoken animus for corporate media and “fake news,” including the reporting from the Bezos-owned The Washington Post. Coupled with the president’s negative views of Amazon, a new book claimed of a seemingly unlikely pairing of Sánchez and then-senior counselor to Trump, Kellyanne Conway.

Set to release Tuesday, The Daily Beast previewed Wall Street Journal reporter Dana Mattioli’s “The Everything War: Amazon’s Ruthless Quest to Own the World and Remake Corporate Power” that recounted a meeting of Sánchez, then considered the other woman who’d broken up Bezos’ marriage, and Trump’s then-adviser and 2016 campaign manager Kellyanne Conway at a party.

“You’ve had a lot thrown at you,” Sánchez reportedly said to Conway at the 2020 event as the White House insider was dealing with her own marital rift with husband and known Never Trumper, George Conway. “How do you handle it?”

In response to Bezos’ girlfriend seeking advice on her public image, Mattioli wrote that Conway responded with flattery for the former media personality, “Please, have you looked in the mirror? People are jealous of you. I would say they’re jealous because you’re dating him.”

Though nothing more of their purported conversation was detailed by the Beast, the author indicated that Conway offered to join the would be-fiancée of Bezos “for a slow jog around the neighborhood.”

“It was a gesture of goodwill, knowing how seriously Sánchez took exercise,” wrote Mattioli.

While the relationship of Bezos and Sánchez has endured, the couple’s public image remained in question, particularly after a November photoshoot was deemed the “cringey-est” ever as it included a puff profile on them and left many arguing photoshop had had a hand and glamorizing the duo.

Trump’s opinions of Amazon, of which Bezos was still CEO during his administration, frequently spoke to concerns about the impact the e-commerce giant had on brick and mortar stores.

As it happened, Mattioli’s book also covered questionable practices that had led to terminations from Amazon where they had reportedly hired former employees of retail competitors and endeavored to garner proprietary information from them.

The Beast was told by an Amazon spokesperson, “There is nothing in our culture or way of operating that makes this ’emblematic’–especially when you consider this was against policy.”

Trump had also called out Bezos over his use of The Washington Post to allegedly shield Amazon from facing harsher taxes.

“Amazon is getting away with murder tax-wise,” he had told Fox News adding the then-CEO was “using the Washington Post for power so that the politicians in Washington don’t tax Amazon like they should be taxed.”

Of course, the president, who routinely faced critical headlines from the Post, had also challenged the veracity of the newspaper writ large with comments like a 2018 tweet that read, “The Washington Post is far more fiction than fact. Story after story is made up garbage — more like a poorly written novel than good reporting. Always quoting sources (not names), many of which don’t exist. Story on John Kelly isn’t true, just another hit job!”

Kevin Haggerty


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