Biden in the hot seat as Nevada officials ‘actively investigating’ potentially improper vacation rental

President Joe Biden has recently come under fire for staying at billionaire Tom Steyer’s $18 million Lake Tahoe property, and now an official investigation is in the works.

Biden arrived at the mansion last Friday for a week-long vacation, but a number of people voiced their concerns about the propriety of the situation. The White House jumped in to try to clear the record, saying the president’s family is “renting the home for fair market value.” However, the issue seems to be that the property is not legally registered as a vacation rental with the state of Nevada, and local residents of the area began complaining.

“Several inquiries have been received on this address. We cannot comment further as we are actively investigating any Douglas County Nevada code violations on this rental,” Ernie Strehlow, Douglas County head of code enforcement, said in a statement to the Nevada Globe.

In Douglas County, you need a special permit to rent out your property and it appears that simply being a billionaire or the president of the United States doesn’t change that.

“The owners of any property being advertised and/or operated as an unpermitted vacation home rental located anywhere within Douglas County in violation of Douglas County Code and the Nevada Revised Statutes may be subject to a civil penalty of up to $20,000,” the code reads.

That means if Steyer is found to be in violation of the ordinance, he could have to pay up to a whopping $20k. A drop in the bucket for someone like him, but an important note that no matter how much money you have, you aren’t above the law (or local ordinances).

Social media had mixed reactions to the news:

Sierra Marlee


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