Biden reminds Americans to pay IRS, taxpayers tell him where he can file it

President Joe Biden marked one of the year’s most unpopular days with a shout-out to Americans that it was time to dig deep and pony up.

Monday was April 15, the day when the bill came due for those owing money to Uncle Sam with the annual Internal Revenue Service tax filing deadline paying its annual calendar visit.

Filing day is even more disliked by productive Americans than even Transgender Day of Visibility and on Monday, the federal government’s bagman-in-chief issued a statement politicizing the occasion and also directed people to the IRS website to file their taxes for free.

“It’s filing day, America!” Biden announced, sharing a link to the IRS’s Direct File website.

In addition to Biden’s kindly reminder, the White House put out a Tax Day “fact sheet” which of course used the occasion to take cheap shots at Republicans.

“House Republicans Want the Tax Code to Work for the Wealthy; President Biden Wants It to Work for the Middle Class,” the administration said. “This Tax Day, President Biden is fighting for hardworking families, while House Republicans continue to side with the wealthy and big corporations.”

Taxpayers took to X, formerly Twitter, roasting Biden with some filing instructions of their own.

“House Republicans Would Slash Taxes for the Wealthy and Big Corporations, Raise Taxes on Millions of Americans, and Cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid,” the White House said in its statement.

“If their extreme proposals became law, millions of families would face higher taxes and higher costs, and receive worse customer service from the IRS. Meanwhile, billionaires and the biggest corporations would get huge tax cuts and get away with cheating on their taxes. House Republicans would help billionaires while hurting families by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, and other programs hardworking Americans count on,” the statement read.

Chris Donaldson


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