Bill de Blasio announces the ‘one place in America that would hire him’; amuses the heck out of Tucker

Harvard University has hired former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as a “visiting teaching fellow,” prompting across-the-board derision and mockery from the right and left.

“The former mayor will be a visiting fellow at both the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. During his time as a fellow, Mr. de Blasio will focus on issues such as early childhood education and leading through a pandemic, which the former mayor considers the ‘bookends’ of his eight years in office,” The New York Times reported.

“At the School of Public Health, Mr. de Blasio will teach an eight-week class on leadership focused on navigating major public health challenges. As a part of both fellowships, the mayor will meet with students one on one for mentoring and will serve as a seminar speaker.”

The jokes write themselves …

De Blasio will be lecturing others about “early childhood education” and “leading through a pandemic” despite him and former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo having failed miserably at both during the COVID pandemic.

This is, after all, the same mayor who forced children between the ages of five and 11 to prove their vaccination status just to “eat out, see a show, go to a movie theater, visit a fitness facility, or attend indoor entertainment venues,” as reported by the New York Post last December.

He’s also the same mayor who tried to bribe his constituents into getting vaccinated by offering them a free burger and fries, the same mayor who kept schools closed until late 2020 despite objections from parents and students alike, and the same mayor who sought to end the city’s gifted program because it lacked enough so-called “equity.”

As noted before, Harvard’s announcement provoked massive derision and mockery, including from Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Can’t say Bill de Blasio doesn’t get stuff done. It took him only eight years, and he basically destroyed the country’s biggest city. It’s measurable. De Blasio saw a 65 percent jump in homelessness, people living on the streets addicted to drugs. During the pandemic, he sicced government bureaucrats on small business owners,” Carlson said Wednesday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“He forced employees of private business to take the COVID vaccine and ruin the lives of anyone who resisted. So naturally, you would think Bill de Blasio would have a shining career as a homeless person himself after his time in office. He tried to be a congressional candidate. No one wanted to vote for him. So what do you do if you’re Bill de Blasio. You got to pay for your weed habit. Where do you go?”

The thing about the “weed habit” was a reference to an unconfirmed rumor that the former mayor is a raging pothead.

“Well, there’s one place in America that would hire Bill de Blasio. Harvard University. Specifically, Bill de Blasio is going into the field of public health. And why not? He oversaw the resurgence of the bubonic plague in New York, so he’s naturally going to be a senior fellow at Harvard School of Public Health and a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Politics. He’ll even teach classes,” Carlson added.


But derision and mockery hasn’t just been coming from the right. Even leftists have been taking some shots at the former mayor. Take the leftists at The Daily Beast. They put together a list of fake courses that de Blasio could teach.

The list includes some of the following:

  • “Failing Up 101: Introduction to Shamelessness”
  • “How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying: Leadership for Losers”
  • “Sleazy Does It: Courting Contributors and the New Corruption”
  • “Drop the Ball: Achieve Less by Doing Less”
  • “The Tao of Tardiness”

The derision and mockery can also be found in the replies to de Blasio’s tweet:


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