Bill Maher says Jada ‘lucky’ to only have alopecia, ‘just put on a f–king wig like everybody else’

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Left-wing comedian Bill Maher repeatedly slammed actress Jada Pinkett Smith over her taking offense to a hair-loss joke, saying during the latest episode of his weekly HBO program that she should consider herself “lucky” to suffer from something so benign.

The attacks on HBO’s “Real Time” began during his monologue.

“You know, I must say, comparing a woman to Demi Moore looking her hottest is not exactly the worst insult I’ve ever heard in the world. I mean, alopecia, it’s not leukemia, OK. Alopecia is when your hair falls out. … There are worse things,” he said.

Actress Demi Moore famously shaved her head for her role in the 1997 film “G.I. Jane.”

Listen to Maher’s monologue joke below:

He later doubled down on his attacks on Pinkett during the show’s panel discussion.

“If you are so lucky in life as to have that be your medical problem, just say ‘thank God.’ It’s not life-threatening. For most people, 80 percent of men, 50 percent of women, it’s part of aging,” he said, as reported by the New York Post.

“Aging is — trust me, I know — it’s the degradation of the flesh. It happens to all of us. And you know, just put on a f–king wig like everybody else at the Oscars if it bothers you so much,” he said.

Maher’s attitude contrasts sharply with that of the establishment press, which seems to have been running back-to-back sob stories about women — but not men — with alopecia.

This is despite the fact that, according to NYU Langone Health, alopecia “causes 95 percent of cases of hair loss in men” but only “40 percent in women.”

(Source: Google Search)

Pinkett went public about her alopecia back in 2018.

“It was terrifying when it when it first started. I was in the shower one day, and then just handfuls of hair — just in my hands — and I was like, ‘Oh my God, am I going bald?’ It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear. That’s a really scary experience,” she said at the time.

Maher also saved some criticism for Pinkett’s husband, temper-prone actor Will Smith.

“I just want to say to Will Smith, look, I got your back, bro. Stay strong,” he said at the beginning of his monologue before adding, “April fools! You’re a d–k!”

Dovetailing back to the panel discussion, one of Maher’s guests, failed 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang, also bashed Smith.

“I do feel like it’s part of the job of a world-famous celebrity attending an award show to absorb mild insults directed at you and yours. I ran for office, and people said things around me I didn’t like, and I didn’t get up and smack anyone,” he said.

Maher and his guests also slammed the “liberal hypocrisy” of the Hollywood elites who’d chosen to applaud effusively for Smith when the time for him to accept his award had arrived.

“I couldn’t believe it. Could you? …. I think Jim Carrey made the comments [that] spineless came to mind. … The amnesia was instantaneous,” guest Laura Coates, a CNN legal analyst, said before turning the discussion back to Smith.

“Why is he even there to be able to get the award at the end of the evening? Because I remember as a prosecutor, prosecuting quite a few assault and batteries, and they didn’t stand by and go ‘no, no, I’ve got the rest of my kid’s soccer game, I got to stay for this,'” she said.

The discussion came exactly five days after Smith made international headlines by jumping on stage at the 2022 Oscars and slapping comedian Chris Rock for having made a “G.I. Jane” joke about Smith’s noticeably bald wife.

Smith then returned to his seat and repeatedly shouted, “Keep my wife’s name out your f–king mouth!”

Critics later noticed that Smith had originally laughed at Rock’s joke. Not til he’d looked over and seen his wife upset had he taken action.


Maher originally addressed the stunning event during a TMZ interview published two days after the Oscars.

“I could make a case that we’ve all been under a lot of pressure and a lot of emotion — and I understand a lot of emotion running through him. But that was just out of line and it re-enforced the idea that jokes are the enemy,” he told TMZ.

He referenced the “woke” tendency of “cancel culture” zealots saying that mere words which cause offense are violence. Smith’s behavior was, Maher added, the physical manifestation of this very mentality.

“It was sort of like cancel culture encapsulated. Because at first, you saw he was laughing at the joke, right? This is what happens a lot with cancel stuff. At first: ‘Oh, it’s funny.’ And then you look around: ‘Oh wait, I’m supposed to be offended.’ And then there’s the [subsequent] overreaction. He was like the Twitter mob come alive,” he explained.


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