Billionaire bankrolling E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump visited Epstein’s island – report

The billionaire Democrat donor who is reportedly bankrolling writer E. Jean Carroll’s rape lawsuit against former President Donald J. Trump once visited notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, according to a new report on the deceased financier’s calendar and emails.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Reid Hoffman, a co-founder of the popular networking website LinkedIn took a trip to Little St. James, the exotic Caribbean locale where Epstein hosted politicians, business leaders, and celebrities and was known to the locals as “Orgy Island” and “Pedophile Island” as well as being scheduled to visit the pervert’s Manhattan townhouse.

According to the WSJ which is reviewing a “trove” of documents, the wealthy venture capitalist Trump-hater had plans to visit Little St. James in March and November 2014, after it was well-known that Epstein had been convicted and jailed for sex crimes involving an underage girl.

Hoffman and Epstein had both been asked by Joi Ito the former director of MIT’s Media Lab to assist with raising funds at the time of the scheduled visits, the billionaire Dem donor had previously expressed regret over his association with the rich sexual deviate.

The outlet reported, “When the venture capitalist had a flight scheduled to land late at night in New York on Dec. 4, 2014, Epstein arranged for Mr. Hoffman to stay overnight in his townhouse, the documents show. The following morning, Mr. Hoffman was scheduled to attend a ‘breakfast party’ with Epstein, Mr. Gates and others, according to the documents.”

Hoffman confirmed to the outlet that he had visited “Pedophile Island” once and said that he regrets ever meeting with Epstein whom he said he last interacted with in 2015.

“It gnaws at me that, by lending my association, I helped his reputation, and thus delayed justice for his survivors,” Hoffman said in an email.

“While I relied on MIT’s endorsement, ultimately I made the mistake,” he added, “and I am sorry for my personal misjudgment.”

“Reid attended a few fundraising events at my request, including one trip to Little St. James, after I confirmed to Reid that Mr. Epstein had been an approved donor target for MIT in accordance with university rules and regulations,” Ito said in an email.

It was recently revealed that Hoffman is “quietly bankrolling” Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump, the longtime Elle magazine columnist claims that the billionaire real estate mogul forced himself upon her in the dressing room of a Manhattan department store in the 1990s. Trump has denied the allegation.

Hoffman is just the latest big name to be outed for associating with Epstein by the WSJ which had previously reported that President Joe Biden’s CIA Director William Burns and left-wing intellectual Noam Chomsky were among those who met with the wicked financial wizard. Also included on the list are former Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, actor and director Woody Allen, and former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers.

The enigmatic Epstein’s friendships and associations with some of the world’s most powerful people included former President Bill Clinton who took multiple trips onboard his private jet dubbed the “Lolita Express,” which is alleged to have hosted flying orgies, as well as Britain’s Prince Andrew who visited Little St. James where it is rumored that guests were recorded in sexually compromising situations for blackmail purposes.

Epstein was found dead inside the cell of the maximum security federal prison in Manhattan where he was being held after he was arrested in 2019, a suspicious death that ensured that he would take his secrets to the grave.

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Chris Donaldson


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