LinkedIn founder and Dem megadonor ‘quietly bankrolling’ E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump

There’s no questioning the fact that former President Donald Trump has some powerful enemies in the United States, people who will go to any length to ensure he never sits in the Oval Office again.

One such enemy appears to be Reid Hoffman, the billionaire behind LinkedIn. Citing court records, the Daily Beast reported that Hoffman has been “quietly bankrolling” E. Jean Carroll’s rape case against the former president.

Carroll, a longtime Elle magazine advice columnist, claims Trump raped her in the dressing room of a luxury Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s. She wrote a tell-all memoir about the alleged rape when Trump was president and he not only denied the accusation but called Carroll a “whack job.”

“The woman, there’s something wrong with her in my opinion, okay. But it’s a false accusation. Never happened, never would happen,” Trump said at the time.

Carroll filed a defamation lawsuit in 2019 and the case has been tied up in the courts ever since.

“Now that New York passed a rape survivors law extending the statute of limitations on private civil lawsuits, Carroll sued again—this time seeking a trial that would potentially award her money, but more importantly brand the powerful real estate tycoon seeking a second presidential term as a rapist,” the Daily Beast reported.

The trial is set to start in two weeks and the outlet noted that the payment arrangement from Hoffman, a Democratic megadonor, remaining secret all this time “will surely support Trump’s unrelenting, conspiratorial complaints that ultra rich liberals have been pulling the strings on the efforts to take him down.”

The article noted that Vox identified the Silicon Valley entrepreneur as a major Democratic donor who has made it his mission to loosen Trump’s control over the Republican Party.

“According to Insider, Hoffman’s distaste for Trump’s authoritarian and anti-democratic tendencies has even strained his personal relationship with another Silicon Valley staple, Peter Thiel, who has conversely fashioned himself as a bankroller of right-wing causes,” the Daily Beast added.

This all came to light when Trump’s legal team documented in a letter this week that Carroll claimed in an Oct deposition that no one else was paying for her lawyers but that those same attorneys reluctantly disclosed on Monday that Hoffman and a nonprofit called American Future Republic was backing them.

Tom Tillison


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