Brian Kilmeade blasts pro-Palestine ‘idiots’ blocking NYC traffic: ‘I have things to do’

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade tore into pro-Palestinian protesters in New York City who brought traffic on the Manhattan Bridge to a standstill Sunday.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The protesters were calling for a ceasefire that was already taking place between Israel and Hamas.

The stunt of sitting on the road and blocking traffic ticked off New Yorkers and the co-hosts of “Fox & Friends.”

“Let’s talk a little bit about what happened over the weekend here in New York City. Lower Manhattan, on the east side of Manhattan. There you’ve got… that is the foot of the Manhattan Bridge,” co-host Steve Doocy noted while footage of seated, chanting pro-Palestinian protesters played on the screen.

“And as you can see, a pro-Palestinian demonstration essentially stopped traffic on one of the busiest days of the travel year. The interesting thing is they were calling for a ceasefire even though that was day three of the ceasefire,” Doocy pointed out.

Kilmeade was blunt about the protesters and their actions.

“Idiots,” he said in disgust.

Doocy was dumbfounded by it all as well.

“And organizers said, you know, there’s widespread support for people in New York City to do this. I got news for the organizers… people were furious they could not get across the bridge,” he asserted.

Kilmeade went on, summing up the feelings of many New Yorkers when they could not get where they needed to go because of the protest.

“So it’s insane because I was leaving Giants Stadium yesterday, and everybody is through surface roads, and you could not get anywhere, anyway on this type of day leaving the stadium of 60,000 people. And then this. And you can hear people in some of the quotes in the story say, people, listen, I sympathize with you, but I have things to do. I have to get some places,” he recounted.

“You have these models going. I have a shoot I have to get done. And people have lives. They have to live. Who are you winning over by sitting on this bridge? You’re not changing anybody’s mind. And this mayor, to his credit, is firmly pro-Israel. And this for a Democratic president, is pro-Israel. What are these? People don’t even know what they’re doing,” Kilmeade remarked.

Co-host Lawrence Jones commented that the protesters should have been arrested for the political ploy.

“I just think we gotta get back control of our streets. This is illegal. They should of all been arrested for this,” he contended.

Despite the fact that arresting that many protesters would take hours, Jones said that was what was needed. He stated that when this was pulled in Dallas, Texas, the police chief there had the protesters arrested because they were breaking the law. They didn’t pull something like that again.

In New York City, the pro-Palestinian protesters are reportedly allowed to get away with breaking the law and Jones noted that as well as Mayor Eric Adams evidently letting them protest and commit crimes such as painting “Gaza” on the bridge, blocking traffic, and harassing police officers which is setting a bad and dangerous precedent.


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