BS ALERT: CRT – The Big Bang

There is a story I spotted at Fox News Digital this morning that should put an argument the left has been using to rest.  For months now, pundits in the mainstream press have been challenging non-liberal news reporting over the use of Critical Race Theory in the nation’s public schools.  Some pundits have gone so far as to declare there is no such thing as Critical Race Theory.

Today – is the Critical Race Theory “Big Bang”

 Yes – Critical Race theory does exist and yes mum and dad – it is being taught in schools.

According to the Fox news story – the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District has gone on record, saying schools in his district are “deeply using critical race theory.”  He was very clear about the reason – which is that students must learn about historical injustice in the United States in order to “better understand who they are.”  The superintendent – Nikolai Vitti made the statements during a November 9th school board meeting – the footage has since gone viral.

What should happen?

  • Any liberal who questions the existence of Critical Race Theory should be called out as a “flat earth educator” – who refuses to believe the truth – or termed a “Critical Race Denier.”
  • Concerned politicians, parents and journalists should demand to examine the materials being used in Detroit and contrast and compare with the materials that are being distributed by the company Panorama Education which claims to be in 23,000 schools in America – reaching over 13 million students. This company was co-founded by Xan Tanner – who is the son-in-law of Attorney General Merrick Garland.
  • Republican leaders should demand an immediate investigation of AG Garland and the National Association of School Board’s attempt to delegitimize parental concerns over school safety and CRT issues – by using federal law enforcement to brand them as “domestic terrorists,” and the potential of a conflict of interest given the familial relationship between Panorama Education and the DOJ head.
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