Dr. Phil hits medical field for ‘gender affirming care,’ vows to expose harm being done

Popular psychologist and television host Dr. Phil McGraw called out the American Medical Association and others for driving the “gender-affirming care” narrative. In a discussion with podcast […]

Disney still bleeding? Disney Movie Club nixed, DVD and Blu-Ray production outsourced to Sony

The slow death by DEI continued to bleed Disney dry as executives in denial announced cost-saving measures to offset panned products. Hemorrhaging at the House of Mouse […]

Trans inmate convicted of killing baby sues to wear a hijab after identifying as a Muslim woman

A baby-killing male Indiana inmate who identifies as a Muslim woman has sued his prison chaplain for prohibiting him from wearing a hijab outside his cell. Autumn […]

Christie Brinkley celebrates 70th birthday by stripping down to bra, declaring she’s ‘finally happy’

Former supermo Christie Brinkley has taken to Instagram to prove she’s aging like fine wine with a post you wouldn’t expect from someone who just turned 70 […]

America’s most historic gun manufacturer to shutter factory in blue state, moves to red state

A New York village is devastated by the news that the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer is shuttering its local factory and moving operations to Georgia. Remington, which […]

Amazon driver in NYC ends up in cuffs after fending off drunk, naked illegal immigrant

With the Biden administration all but rolling out the red carpet for 8-10 million illegal immigrants from all around the world, suffice it to say that you […]

Elizabeth Warren’s seat is in trouble now, as Marine veteran John Deaton announces Senate challenge

After a “moderate centrist” entered the race, a Massachusetts progressive senator wasted no time rallying donors against the “MAGA Republican machine.” While the presidential preference primary for […]

Former Obama top spook is among the Dems backing Haley

Former CIA director Michael Morell is backing Nikki Haley’s improbable Republican primary challenge to be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee. But Morell is far than your […]

Midwest parents say child was removed from home over improper pronoun usage, warn it could happen to anyone

Persecuted Christians are petitioning the Supreme Court after a midwest state to away their child to satisfy the transgenderism agenda. Mary and Jeremy Cox, Catholic parents from […]

Tucker Carlson says critic Boris Johnson tried to shake him down for a million dollars

Tucker Carlson elaborated on a claim that former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had agreed to an interview with him for “a million dollars” after his sit-down […]

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