Byron Donalds shoots down Kristen Welker’s attempt to paint Trump as ‘just plain racist’

Corporate media’s latest attempt to peg former President Donald Trump as racist found pushback from a congressman who asserted, “I understood what the president was talking about.”

(Video: NBC News)

Shoveling sound bites and talking points, leftists clamored over the weekend in their effort to ascribe racism to Trump’s attempt to make inroads with black voters. When Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R) joined NBC News host Kristen Welker Sunday on “Meet the Press,” he readily backed up the point the president had made.

As she brought the congressman on, Welker aired a clip from Trump’s Friday remarks where Donalds had introduced him at the Black Conservative Federation’s Annual BCF Honors Gala. There, the one-time commander-in-chief had said in part, “And then I got indicted a second time and then a third time and a fourth time! And a lot of people said that that’s why the black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against. And they actually viewed me as — I’m being discriminated against. It’s been pretty amazing.”

“Congressman,” Welker probed, “it sounds like Donald Trump was implying that he can win black voters because they get indicted all the time too. Is that what he was saying?”

Ready to defend the president, Donalds expressed, “Well I think it’s in part of that, it’s part of it, Kristen,” before pinpointing that Americans are united in their concerns over the economy and national security.

“When you layer on the fact that, yes, this is political persecution from the Department of Justice and from radical DAs throughout our country,” he continued, “this is something similar that black people have to deal with with the justice system themselves.”

Welker took umbrage with the legislator’s suggestion that there was any impropriety with the indictments against the GOP figure and carefully hedged as she responded, “Congressman, let’s just be clear. All four indictments against former President Trump were brought by grand juries. There is no evidence that the indictments are political in nature.”

Circling back to race-baiting, the host shared a quote from President Joe Biden’s campaign co-chair, former Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond (D), who had reacted to Friday’s speech, “Donald Trump claiming that Black Americans will support him because of his criminal charges is insulting. It’s moronic. And it’s just plain racist.”

Former acting chair of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile had reacted similarly on ABC’s “This Week” as she got into a heated exchange with former Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus.

“Reince, this is not a conversation about whether or not who has a record, okay?” Brazile had said after Preibus had brought up Biden and former President Barack Obama. “Because we know Donald Trump’s record. This is about the future. And what Donald Trump said was racist tropes and it’s insulting and demeaning to basically go to black people and say, ‘Oh, don’t you like the fact that I have 91 convictions? Don’t you want to see this mugshot?’ Hell, no. We want freedom and justice and equality like everybody else.”

Donalds responded to Richmond’s comment by saying, “Cedric is trying to play politics and use racial politics even now as we get into the general election.”

“The number one reason why minority voters want to support Donald Trump is because he did the job of president, he did a great job as president, our country was secure, the economy was great — these are all things that Donald Trump talked about Friday night,” he reiterated before Welker sought to victimize the lawmaker.

“Were you offended at all by his comments, Congressman?” asked the host.

“No, I wasn’t. Because I understood what the president was talking about,” asserted Donalds.

Kevin Haggerty


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