California PD protects identities of suspects by posting pics with LEGO HEADS

A California Law is forcing police officers to get creative with pictures of suspects, and one department is already garnering attention for their editing skills.

Signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in September, the law significantly restricts how law enforcement can use and share photographs and mugshots of suspects. This aims to protect the privacy of suspects and has led to some rather interesting editing decisions from the Murrieta Police Department in particular.

Lego heads have replaced the faces of many suspected ne’er-do-wells on Murrieta PD’s social media which has resulted in some rather humorous shots.

But not everyone is feeling the funny when it comes to the censored pictures. Many critics are outraged that lawmakers are prioritizing the feelings of lawbreakers (suspected or otherwise) over public safety.

Others insisted Lego should take action to stop the police department from using their toy faces over the real faces of suspects and arrestees:


Sierra Marlee


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