Chaos at Univ. of Memphis when BLM protesters go on the attack over Kyle Rittenhouse event

Violent left-wing extremists on Wednesday hijacked a Turning Points USA event at the University of Memphis featuring Kyle Rittenhouse — and they did so with the full backing of the Democrat Party.

Video footage from outside the university showed the extremists chasing down attendees as they tried to leave the event.


The drama started days ahead of the event, with “students and community members” expressing fury after Rittenhouse was invited to speak at the school by Turning Points USA, according to The Commercial Appeal, a Memphis paper.

The school released a statement shortly thereafter saying it wasn’t sponsoring the event but lacked the authority to shut it down.

“[A]s a public institution, the University of Memphis must uphold its obligation to adhere to the principles of the First Amendment and Tennessee’s Campus Free Speech Act. Due to this obligation, the University cannot legally prohibit the event from taking place,” the statement read.

Anger continued to mount, with even local Democrat politicians intervening, according to local station WHBQ.

“It distresses me to learn that Kyle Rittenhouse, notorious for injuring and killing protesters during a civil rights action and propagating anti-Black rhetoric, is scheduled to speak on campus,” Democratic Nominee for Shelby County General Sessions Court Clerk Tami Sawyer wrote in an open letter to University of Memphis President Bill Hardgrave.

“Presenting his event as a 2A rights speech at a time when students fear for their lives due to gun violence nationwide is reprehensible. Moreover, his intent to attack civil rights work only exacerbates the situation. This is not freedom of speech, Dr. Hardgrave; it is malicious programming that fosters hateful rhetoric and actions towards Black students,” she added.

FYI, Rittenhouse killed two violent extremists, both of them white, who were chasing after him during a violent Black Lives Matter riot in 2020. One of the two turned out to be a convicted pedophile.

In addition to smearing Rittenhouse, Sawyer also celebrated when her beloved extremists effectively forced him off stage at Wednesday’s event by drowning him out — a typical leftist strategy:

Meanwhile, prior to the event Tennessee state Rep. Antonio Parkinson, another rabid Democrat, reportedly used Facebook to encourage the extremists to buy tickets to the event but not show up.

“Everybody sign up asap,” he wrote. “Let’s dry this @#$% up! Confirm when you’ve signed. Remember. We’re not going. We just want all the tickets.”

This sleazy, deceitful behavior — typical for Democrats — evidently worked.

“The morning of the event, U of M had announced that people would have to re-register for tickets and that the ones they had previously gotten were invalid,” according to The Commercial Appeal.

Despite all the hate directed Rittenhouse’s way, he did receive some love from unexpected places, including from Rep. Thomas Massie.

“At age 17, Kyle Rittenhouse had a greater sense of civic duty than most people exhibit in a lifetime,” Massie tweeted early Thursday morning.

“While trying to help during riots, he was attacked by convicts and exercised his right to self defense, killing a child molester & a domestic abuser convicted of strangulation,” he added.


Hours after the event, Rittenhouse uploaded an update letting everybody know that he was fine and had survived the event.


Vivek Saxena


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