Chicago migrant center teeming with rats, rotting food and garbage: Report

Chicago officials are housing 2,500+ illegal alien migrants in a filthy warehouse reportedly teeming with roaches, rats, rotten food, and more.

The conditions were first noticed in October when a “concerned community volunteer” with the Chicago Police Station Response Team reached out to Ald. Nicole Lee about the conditions at the facility, according to local station WTTW.

Lee responded by shooting out an email to Mayor Brandon Johnson.

The email alleged “the shelter had insufficient bathrooms, exposed pipes with raw sewage, cockroach infestation, a possible outbreak of illness with many people being sick, insufficient provision of meals and water and poor and disrespectful treatment of migrants housed in the shelter by staff.”

WTTW has also obtained images from inside the warehouse that “show migrants sleeping next to sewer covers inside the shelter.”

But it gets worse. According to Borderless magazine, a 5-year-old illegal alien migrant boy died in December after falling ill inside this very same warehouse shelter.

“[A] Venezuelan migrant living at the shelter told Borderless the boy had a more than a 100-degree fever and was convulsing in the bathroom before emergency medical technicians and firefighters were called,” the magazine reported at the time.

Incidentally, the death reportedly occurred just days after the magazine ran its own report exposing how the shelter “fails to meet the basic standards for emergency shelter laid out by the U.N. Refugee Agency.”

“More than a dozen migrants shared their experience with Borderless. … They lamented the harsh shelter conditions, including cramped living quarters, mistreatment from workers, freezing temperatures, and unsanitary bathrooms,” the horrific report reads.

“In recent weeks, migrants described outbreaks of various illnesses, including chickenpox, the flu, and upper respiratory infections, spreading without sufficient medical attention,” the report continues.

Kely Ramos, a Venezuelan illegal alien migrant staying at the facility with her husband and six-year-old son, confirmed some of these allegations in a separate interview with The Guardian.

“People get sick a lot here,” she said. “Even my son has lost a lot of weight. He doesn’t want to eat the food, and that really hits me hard.”

Speaking with WTTW, Annie Gomberg, a lead organizer with the Police Station Response Team, said her crew has been warning Chicago officials about the conditions at the facility since it first opened up.

“I’ve told them time and again that medical care is not easy to come by, that when it is requested, they are told they are on their own or it’s not available to them,” she said.

Lee meanwhile issued her own statement calling out the Johnson administration.

“As I have expressed in multiple engagements with the Mayor’s office, I remain concerned about the living conditions within the shelter at 22nd and Halsted,” she said.

“I join my colleagues in the City Council in urging the City to do more to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our new arrivals,” she added.

A spokesperson for Mayor Johnson meanwhile told The Guardian the city is aware of and working to rectify the conditions at the facility.

“Because of the rapid expansion of this shelter population, the city had to make improvements to the shelter, while, at the same time, intaking hundreds of new arrivals,” the spokesperson added.

During a Dec. 20th interview, Johnson was asked to his face whether the conditions at the facility are safe.

“Everything I’ve done is to ensure the safety of all of the migrants arriving here,” he replied. “The concerns people expressed; these aren’t new concerns.”

According to WTTW, the facility is managed by an outside company called Favorite Staffing.

In response to questions from the station, Favorite Staffing Vice President Keenan Driver claimed they’re taking the complaints seriously.

“Favorite Staffing takes all staff complaints very seriously because we are concerned not only about the migrants, but about the safety and well-being of our own staff,” he said.

Despite concerns about the company’s management of the shelter, Johnson just signed a new $79 million deal with them, drawing outrage and backlash from critics:

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