CNN’s Kasie Hunt openly chuckles when panelists claim Trump ‘lost the election’ this week

A CNN political commentator tried a little too hard to spin what has been a disastrous five days for Democrats since the CNN presidential debate. She even drew a laugh from anchor Kasie Hunt after contorting herself into a pretzel.

Hunt set up the segment by noting the growing calls on the Left to replace President Biden over very real concerns about his age and mental acuity and the Supreme Court’s big win for former President Donald Trump in deciding that presidents have “absolute immunity” for “official” acts. She said this will almost certainly bump Trump’s election interference trial centered around Jan. 6, 2021, beyond the November election.

“We may have just lived through the week that wins Donald Trump the election,” Hunt said in a rare moment of honesty on CNN.

Panelist Karen Finney, a former spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, pushed back, claiming Democrats are “galvanized” and that this may be the week that Trump LOST the election.

“As the Democrat here, a couple of things, number one, the Supreme Court decision in part is actually starting to galvanize Democrats who are saying maybe we do need to stick with Joe Biden because maybe he is our best chance,” Finney said. “And so it may not be the week that Donald Trump won the election, it may be the week that he lost it because again the fear —”

Finding the assertion humorous, Hunt interjected with a laugh, “That seems like a stretch.”

“I can just tell you what I’m seeing in the internals,” Finney countered, arguing that the Supreme Court ruling makes some people “very nervous” about a Trump presidency.

“We know he will actually make good on the things on the things that he says he is going to do,” she said, regurgitating the Democratic response to the court’s finding, which is the ridiculous notion that Trump will operate outside the rule of law — the irony being that this is precisely what the former president has been dealing with from Democrats since before he was elected to office in 2016.

Fellow panelist Doug Heye, a Republican strategist, did not buy the idea that Democrats are now more “galvanized.”

“Keep in mind, Democrats must be the most galvanized party in our history at this point,” Heye said. “Every answer is Democrats are more enthusiastic, more galvanized than ever. If that were true, this would be the week Joe Biden wins the presidency and last week and the week before. He would be up 25 points in the polls because you guys are so galvanized.”

“Dobbs decision! This! Donald Trump this! Donald Trump that! You should be killing this and down-ballot too,” he continued. “And the reality is voters are still looking at Joe Biden and being like, ‘I don’t think he has it anymore.’”

Tom Tillison


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