Concealed carry holder fights back in attempted Facebook Marketplace heist – 1 robber dead

A licensed concealed carry holder in Illinois found himself in a gunfight when a group of men tried to rob him, and one of those men died on the scene.

The man and a companion met with several armed men on Monday who were allegedly selling a vehicle via Facebook Marketplace, according to the Peoria Police Department. However, the arranged meeting appears to have been a robbery setup.

“Upon arrival at the meetup location, the two individuals were directed to a nearby alley to view the purported vehicle. The investigation has determined that this was an attempted robbery setup and there was no intention to sell a vehicle,” PPD said in a Facebook statement. “Once in the alley, several armed suspects attempted to rob these two individuals. A struggle ensued and shots were fired by the robbery suspects and by one of the individuals who was being robbed.”

One of the robbery suspects died on the scene after being struck by gunfire.

“The robbery victim, who fired a weapon, was a legal gun owner with a license to carry a firearm from another state. This individual was released from police custody without charge,” police added.

Meetups to buy and sell merchandise advertised on social media happen all the time and the Peoria Police Department reminded the public “to remain vigilant during Marketplace type transactions.”

“Use good judgment when it comes to selecting meetup locations that are highly visible and preferably under video surveillance. The parking lot and lobby of the police department are also available to conduct such transactions,” the department said.

One social media user responded to the story: “Glad to see the innocent person defending themselves is being vindicated. Bravo. Sorry for the loss of life to a lost young man and his family. Prayers.”

“Need about 200 more of these cases and the crime rate will drop to zero,” another wrote. “Prayers for the true victim who defended [himself]. You did the right thing and you are a hero. God bless you and I’m sorry you had to be forced to make a difficult decision.”

Tom Tillison


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