Conservative group funds AOC’s primary challenger with brutal Times Square billboards slamming her

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic primary opponent is getting a supportive boost from a conservative group based in Texas.

For the first time, the Job Creators Network is endorsing a Democrat to highlight the far-left “Squad” member’s “threat to American small businesses,” backing former Wall Street investor Marty Dolan in the New York race.

“HEY AOC!” declared a billboard in Times Square that accused the New York Democrat of embracing “defunding police” as well as ignoring “rising crime,” “illegal immigration chaos,” “skyhigh [sic] grocery prices,” and “out of control energy costs.”

“Time to pack it up. Vote Democrat. Martin Dolan now!” read the sign that is part of $100,000 in promotional media funded by Keep America America Action Fund, a super PAC connected to Job Creators Network, the conservative nonprofit group advocating for small businesses.

Another billboard declared, “P.S. Too bad you pushed out 25,000 Amazon jobs ‘cuz you’re about to need one!”

The June 25 primary will determine who moves on to the November 5 general election to take New York’s 14th Congressional District seat which three-term incumbent Ocasio-Cortez has held.

“AOC is a threat to American small businesses and America’s way of life,” Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of Job Creators Network told the New York Post. “Her policies are responsible for the crime, migrant, and economic crises burdening her constituents in New York and around the nation.”

“Democrat Marty Dolan is a much-needed voice of moderation that will help small businesses and working families in New York City and beyond,” he added. “New York City residents looking to stop the bleeding and undo AOC’s damage should vote for Dolan now.”

Ocasio-Cortez is reportedly outdoing Dolan in fundraising as the little-known challenger continues his push to unseat the socialist with her “radical” policies. Last month the political newcomer called out Ocasio-Cortez as a chicken as she ducked a debate request.

Frieda Powers


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