Rachel Morin’s mother blasts DHS Secretary Mayorkas for calling her a murdered ‘individual’

The Biden administration reportedly continues to treat the families of the victims of criminal alien crime like complete and utter garbage.

The latest example comes courtesy of Patty Morin, whose daughter Rachel Morin was murdered by gang-affiliated criminal alien Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez while on a hiking trail last August.

Martinez-Hernandez was finally caught and arrested last Friday. Following his arrest, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was asked about Morin’s murder on Tuesday.

“What do you say to critics who blame the administration for allowing something like this to happen?” CNN host Jim Acosta asked him.

“First and foremost, of course, our hearts break for the children, the family, the loved ones, the friends of the individual who was murdered, the woman, the mother,” Mayorkas replied.

“A criminal is responsible for the criminal act. The criminal who committed this heinous act should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law and forcefully so. That is my response,” he added.


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Notice how Mayorkas used the word “individual” to describe Morin’s daughter. This enraged her.

“It’s a completely political statement because they’re not even willing to acknowledge that she was a mother, a daughter,” she said Wednesday evening on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

“It totally depersonalizes her and makes her an object,” she continued, adding that nobody from the Biden administration has reached out to her since Martinez-Hernandez’s arrest.

Members of the public were also irritated by Mayorkas’ insensitive language:

Family attorney Randolph Rice concurred with the criticisms of the Biden administration.

“They just seem to be disconnected completely from what is happening at the southern border and how it is affecting Americans,” he said. “They are hemorrhaging at the southern border and they’re arguing about what kind of bandaid to put on it when instead they should be putting a tourniquet on it and stopping this flow so that we don’t have another Rachel Morin.”


(Video Credit: Fox News)

Sadly, there have been dozens upon dozens of Rachel Morins ever since President Joe Biden assumed office in early 2021, not that he nor anyone in his administration gives a genuine damn.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville recently honored many of these victims while speaking on the Senate floor this past March.

“I was on the floor last week talking about the death of Laken Riley, a young woman who was running on the University of Georgia, minding her own business, when she was abducted and brutally beaten unrecognizably by an illegal alien from Venezuela,” he said.

“Just a week ago, I came to the floor to talk about the death of Washington State Trooper Chris Gadd. He was on duty at a DUI checkpoint when Raul Benitez Santana, an illegal alien from Mexico, drunk behind the wheel, crashed into Trooper Gadd’s police cruiser. Trooper Gadd was just 27 years old,”  he added.

“There are so many other young people who need to be recognized and remembered. So many sad examples the deadly impact this administration’s open border policies have had in this country. It is a shame,” he continued.


(Video Credit: Senator Tommy Tuberville)

Tuberville also spoke of Travis Wolfe, a 12-year-old Missouri boy who was in the car with his folks when a vehicle driven by a criminal alien driving on the wrong side of the road hit their car at 70 mph.

“Court documents revealed that the driver of the other car that caused the crash into Travis Wolfe is an illegal alien from Venezuela,” the senator said. “Twelve-year-old Travis spent the last three months on life support. He died on March 6th.”

“His family hasn’t received an apology from Joe Biden. They’re not getting an apology from Secretary Mayorkas. They just buried a 12-year-old. Do my colleagues care? Do they care?” he added.

Then there’s Aiden Clark, an 11-year-old who died after a minivan driven by criminal alien Hermanio Joseph hit a bus carrying 52 kids.

“Though he was from Haiti, Joseph illegally entered the country through the southern border,” Tuberville said. “Twenty-six kids were hospitalized. Twenty-six. One child, 11-year-old Aiden Clark, was ejected from the bus and pronounced dead at the scene.”

Vivek Saxena


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