Critics blast Eric Trump for saying black vote is ‘swinging over’ to his father ‘in spades’

The Trump-hating media is trying to make political hay out of a common phrase uttered by Eric Trump while discussing the black vote.

Former President Donald Trump’s son appeared on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News and was asked about the miscarriage of justice that occurred last week in a Manhattan courtroom.

“Everybody wants to know what this verdict means for the presidential election,” host Maria Bartiromo said. “Will President Trump be able to run and win? Will he be able to do the things he was planning on doing for the campaign to actually be victorious in November?”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Well, Maria, as I walked out of that courthouse that day, I said, ‘May 30th, 2024 might be the day that won it for Donald Trump,’” Eric Trump responded. “I’ve never seen this country more upset about what’s happening.”

He would later say the Trump campaign has raised a staggering $200 million since the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee was convicted by a jury in one of the bluest districts in America on charges that serious legal minds say should never have been filed.

“The swing of Independent voters after this conviction has been unbelievable because no one believes it,” the younger Trump said. “And you know, they’re literally feeding him, you know, certain segments of the population that he might not have had in 2016 and 2020 because for the first time, they realize that the system’s coming down, that he’s the victim. He’s the victim that oftentimes some of their communities were.”

Democrats have effectively painted Donald Trump as an outlaw and America loves defiant outlaws fighting for a good cause. When Eric Trump mentioned black voters, the race-baiting left’s ears perked up.

“And you see them swinging. Look at the African-American vote, right? That’s swinging over to Donald Trump in spades,” he continued. “Look at the Hispanic vote over the last couple of years. You know, look at the youth vote right now, Maria. I mean, we’ve never had more youth support out there and people know exactly what’s going on and they want a strong country again.”

The idiom “in spades,” thought to be derived from the card game Bridge, means to have something in abundance or to a large degree.

But unserious lefties jumped on the term to paint the Trumps as racists — even before the potentially predetermined guilty verdict came down, the media was pushing an old rumor that Donald Trump was allegedly caught on camera using the N-word during his Apprentice days. Never mind that the alleged tape did not surface in not one, but two prior presidential runs.

Tom Tillison


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