Dan Abrams says he’s ‘ashamed’ and ’embarrassed’ to be a Columbia grad right now

NewsNation host Dan Abrams is “ashamed” of his alma mater.

“As a graduate of Columbia University Law School, I am ashamed,” Abrams said during his Tuesday night opener. “I’m embarrassed by what I’m seeing on that campus and now other campuses.”

“I wholeheartedly support the arrest of the students, professors, and outside agitators preventing everyone else from attending classes,” he said.

“I’m not talking about protests,” he added. “I’m talking about encampments. I’m talking about preventing people from going to class.”

The remarks echo a more strongly worded post on X from Abrams on Sunday.

“As a graduate of [Columbia] law school, not only do I support the arrests of the anti-Semitic thugs trying to take over the university but big picture, what is happening there is an ugly stain for all students and graduates of a once prominent University,” he wrote.

As BizPac Review has reported, the New York campus descended into chaos as anti-Israeli Hamas supporters pitched tents and harassed Jewish students.

Ultimately, the administration suspended in-person learning at the pricey Ivy League institution through the end of the semester. According to newly issued guidelines, courses on Columbia University’s Morningside main campus have moved to hybrid learning “until the end of each school’s Spring 2024 semester.”

The school’s rabbi on Sunday urged Jewish students to stay off campus for their own protection.

Abrams pointed out that the students aren’t the only problem.

“[L]et’s be clear — this isn’t just students,” he said. “Hundreds of professors walked out saying they wanted to show solidarity with the students. I think they should get fired for walking out on their jobs if they left.”

He called out those who would downplay the situation.

“One lecturer at Columbia Law School, trying to minimize the encampments, saying he was, ‘shocked and appalled the university president went immediately to the New York Police Department. This was, by all accounts, a nonviolent protest. It was a group of students camping out on the lawn in the middle of campus. It’s not any different from everyday life on campus,'” Abrams said.

“It’s not any different from everyday life on campus?” the host asked. “Except now the school has to go remote for the rest of the semester.”

“When you decide to protest on private property, you still have to abide by certain rules,” Abrams stated. “You aren’t just entitled to take over the campus because you believe your cause is righteous.”

Abrams noted that many of those who were arrested for trespassing “were not students or faculty” and were reportedly “allowed in by Columbia students to help stir things up.”

He dismissed the notion that these protests were “all peaceful,” playing a clip of New York University’s campus where police were “attacked.”

“This isn’t normal, all right” Abrams stated. “But putting aside the students, the professors who have joined the student protesters should know better. And by the way, this is exposing them as the extremists that they are.”

Melissa Fine


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