Too much therapy is causing misery in children, mental health experts are the ‘arsonists’, author warns

“Nobody has gotten therapy than the rising generation,” according to author Abigail Shrier. “No one’s had psych meds,” Shrier told Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade. “No […]

Gemini AI ‘fiasco’ sparks renewed concerns of deep-seated political bias at Google

The disastrous debut of Google’s artificial intelligence [AI] chatbot, Gemini, is once again sparking concerns over the Big Tech behemoth’s oft-noted left-leaning ways. In a piece for […]

‘Gucci Goddess’ accused of stealing $100M from US Army agrees to plead guilty

The 57-year-old civil servant who was accused of conning the U.S. Army out of $100 million has agreed to plead guilty to fraud. Dubbed the “Gucci Goddess” […]

‘Mueller’s pitbull’ claims Trump should want a trial to clear his name

“Innocent until proven guilty.” It’s the cornerstone of America’s judicial system–an assumption guaranteed to every accused individual. Unless you’re Donald Trump. If you’re Donald Trump, you should […]

Trump pumps his fist at illegals behind border wire: ‘Our veterans get nothing’ while migrants ‘get free health care’

Former President Donald Trump headed to Eagle Pass, Texas, to view for himself the “catastrophe” that President Joe Biden has caused at the once-secure U.S. border with […]

Panera Bread billionaire gets exempted from min wage hike after hefty donation to Gov Newsom

The Progressive man who would be King, California Governor Gavin Newsom, is breaking bread and bending laws again. In September, the Democrat signed into law a minimum […]

Nikole Hannah-Jones fact-checked for claiming viral Chick-fil-A story from inside NYT ‘never happened’

Nikole Hannah-Jones, who famously “re-imagined” American history for the race-baiting 1619 Project, has spicy chicken on her face after falsely claiming that a former New York Times […]

Trump unleashes on ‘basket case’ Biden for claiming he forgot Melania’s name

Dark Brandon got a sound spanking from former President Donald Trump on Wednesday. In a botched attempt to appear biting, President Biden appeared Monday on “Late Night […]

Bannon suggests that Fox News could face probe in new Trump administration

Steve Bannon, who served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager and White House advisor, accused Fox News host Brian Kilmeade of being an “apparatchik” who “doesn’t matter” and […]

Tucker on ‘CIA-backed’ Ukrainian intel that Navalny died of natural causes: ‘It’s pretty obvious’

After than a week of watching liberals and neocons condemn the barbarism of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny […]

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