‘Decline to participate’: Nonbinary physician at Minn. Children’s Hospital stresses need for proper pronouns

Another example of “mass delusion” went viral as a Minnesota hospital’s official account encouraged “a form of emotional blackmail” on parents regarding pronouns.

Strides in the culture war haven’t been enough to tackle the stranglehold that Marxist ideologies have in some locales. As such, it came as little surprise to many that the same state that seemingly canonized George Floyd as the patron saint of mostly peaceful protests, and re-elected the allegiance-challenged Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar to Congress, would prop up a gender-bending pediatrician to lecture parents on how to interact with their kids.

Drawing attention to one of several videos from the Minneapolis hospital Children’s Minnesota, where “non-binary” Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd held the position of Chief Education Officer and the Medical Director of the Gender Health Program, the Libs of TikTok account recently shared one from January where the “they/them” pediatrician peddled “new pronouns” and advised parents on “what to do if you mess up your child’s pronouns…”

“This is from the official Minnesota Children’s Hospital’s account. This nonbinary doctor claims pronouns affects kids’ mental health so you must make sure not to misgender. This is a form of emotional blackmail that activist doctors use on parents to get them on board with their child’s gender transition,” LoTT captioned the video that prompted journalist Lara Logan to express, “Mass delusion. No thanks. I decline to participate.”

Adorned with a pin that read “Protect Trans Kids,” Goepferd pushed for adults to “respect” whatever pronouns a child adopted to give them “a better sense of self.”

This same pediatrician had previously been highlighted for equating “gender-affirming care” to treating maladies like “diabetes or cancer or asthma,” having gone on record stating, “If my child had diabetes or cancer or asthma, I deserve to be able to go to an asthma specialist to find out what things can we do to make it better, what things might make it worse.”

“And if you have a child who is transgender, you deserve that same thing,” added Goepferd in a 2022 video. “At just a real basic fundamental level, kids deserve health care that is specialized and tailored to their health care needs.”

The ideologically-driven advice from the doctor, who detailed being the parent of three, also included videos that addressed, “How to be an ally to your LGBTQ+ child” but lacked even hinting at the possibility that a child could be going through a phase or that possible gender dysphoria could require therapy, not affirmation.

“Today I want to talk a little about how we handle situations with unsupportive family members,” Goepferd said in a video from late February that encouraged parents to allow their adolescent children to be the arbiters of what was in their best interest.

@childrensmn The first step to supporting your LGBTQ+ child is by asking them and involving them in discussions about how they’d like to be supported. Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, chief education officer and medical director of our Gender Health program, shares tips for how parents can support their LGBTQ+ child. #parentingtips #parenting #lgbtq #pride #ally #allyship #thekidexperts #childrensmn #childrensminnesota #fyp #fypシ #fypage ♬ original sound – Children’s Minnesota

Reactions to the ideologue, in a state where lawmakers continually shifted the Overton Window toward normalization of an ever-growing alphabet soup of identities, remained troubled but unsurprised as users expressed, “Minnesota is gone. They are tripping over themselves to become the most woke state.”

Kevin Haggerty


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