Donald Trump DISASTER – they’re walking away without warning!

A prosecutorial strategy against former President Donald Trump appeared to be working as reports indicated loyalties were falling by the wayside.

Leftist lawfare undoubtedly set its sights squarely on the president as four indictments were brought against him within a handful of months reeking of election interference. However, Trump was not alone in facing the perceived political persecution, and some of his co-defendants may be coming around to pointing fingers for their own defense.

Speaking with Politico, disgraced ex-attorney Michael Cohen touched on the Fulton County, Georgia case his one-time client faced with 18 other indictees. A look at their strategies brought him to conclude, “History has shown the 18 co-defendants that Donald doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I suspect it will be every defendant for himself.”

The outlet noted that “three GOP activists who were indicted alongside Trump in Georgia for trying to interfere with the certification of President Joe Biden’s win in the state asserted that their actions were all taken at Trump’s behest.”

Those co-defendants included GOP official Cathleen Latham, former state GOP chair David Shafer, and now-state Sen. Shawn Still who had been a presidential elector in 2020 whom his attorney had argued in a filing, “was also acting at the direction of the incumbent president of the United States.”

Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows, who had made the uncommon decision to take the stand as part of his effort to have the state case moved to a federal jurisdiction, had also downplayed his own role in the case laid out in the Georgia indictment.

Meadows’ attorney Michael Francisco had said as much when he raised the issue of a Jan. 2, 2021 phone call during which Trump was alleged to have been attempting to sway Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the election results by pushing for a thorough inspection of the validity of the ballots cast.

“There’s a lot of statements by Mr. Trump. Mr Meadows’ speaking roles were quite limited,” Francisco said to Raffensperger before asking, “He didn’t make a request that you change the vote totals — Mr. Meadows, himself?”

To that, the secretary replied, “Correct.”

Meanwhile, another example of those named in the president’s indictments knocking down the claims of his defense came in the Florida documents case where it was reported in August that Mar-a-Lago’s IT director Yuscil Taveras had altered his testimony after obtaining independent legal counsel rather than one being funded by Trump.

“Immediately after receiving new counsel, Trump Employee 4 (identified as Taveras) retracted his prior false testimony and provided information that implicated [Walt] Nauta, [Carlos] De Oliveira, and Trump in efforts to delete security camera footage, as set forth in the superseding indictment,” special counsel Jack Smith had said in a legal filing meant to justify his use of a Washington, D.C. grand jury.

“Strategically speaking, if you are one of the lesser important players, you would definitely want to be in the same trial with Donald Trump. All of the focus is going to be on him,” said Florida-based attorney Scott Weinberg.

Having previously handled the case of a Jan. 6 defendant, the attorney added, “They don’t want the little guys, they want Trump. You’re always compared to who you’re next to.”

As to the legal counsel funded by the president, the current indictments were not the first time that a client had changed their testimony against Trump after he was no longer footing the bill. Looking back at the sham Jan. 6 Committee hearings, media darling and former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson had provided so-called “bombshell” hearsay accounts only after reportedly getting herself a new attorney.

Of course, the fact remains that not all of the co-defendants had Trump-funded counsel to begin with as Jenna Ellis, a former lawyer for the president, resorted to crowdfunding her defense after it appeared she had been left to fend for herself because of her support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

Few were surprised to learn that such a strategy would be successfully employed in an effort to convict Trump for the myriad of alleged wrongdoings.

Kevin Haggerty


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