Dr. Phil guest: ‘Just because I gave birth doesn’t make me a woman or a mother’

The latest episode of “Dr. Phil” featured a debate on transgenderism and whether or not it’s effectively erasing women.

One of the guests present for the debate was Danny, a bearded biological female who identified herself as a “non-binary birther.”

“For those of you who don’t know, I gave birth to my child 20 months ago at home. It was beautiful. It was a spiritual experience. I did it as a non-binary person, not as a woman, just to be very clear,” she said during the episode.

Danny further claimed she’s not trying to erase women and argued that giving birth doesn’t necessarily make one a “mother.”

“By no means do I want to erase women. But there’s a difference between division and inclusion. I don’t want to create division. I use ‘birthing person.’ I am not a woman. I do not identify as a mother. I know many women who have given birth who don’t identify as mothers because there’s a difference between the two,” she said.

“But going back to me, just because I gave birth doesn’t make me a woman or a mother, and there needs to be space in the birthing world that allows me to show up as a birthing person,” she added.

Danny continued by complaining that there was a lack of media content validating her delusional beliefs.

“There is no language. There’s no books. There’s very few podcasts. When I was pregnant, I had very little support outside of my community as a birthing person because of the lack of inclusive language,” she said.

“Inclusive language isn’t just about language. It’s about opening doors. It’s about safety. It’s about creating space for others. We don’t want to push women out. We want to join you in your fight because we know what it feels like to be erased every single day. And I would not wish that upon anybody,” she added.

Another guest, women’s activist Kara Dansky, was not so keen on so-called transgender men and women joining their fight.

“Dr. Phil earlier was talking about how the women’s movement has achieved certain objectives. Women have had to fight for our rights for thousands of years all over the world and for hundreds of years in this country because we have been discriminated against and excluded from public civil society, from the educational arena, from the legal arena, from numerous arenas on the basis of sex,” she said.

“And many of us who support those movements are not about to turn around and pretend that sex is not a meaningful, legal, and physical category,” Dansky added.

When another guest, HIV and trans activist Chandi Moore, a biological male, argued that so-called transgender women should be included as women so that women have “more force in numbers” in their own fight for equality, Dansky shut that idea down real quick.

“I don’t mean men. I mean women. It’s not a matter of opinion. We’re talking about the material reality of biological sex, which is grounded in science and reality. Women are female and men are male, and it’s ok to say that. It’s ok to say that. It really is,” she said.

During a panel discussion, another guest, a transgender woman named Katrina, said he doesn’t like it when people point out that he’s not really a woman.

“I’ve always known I was a woman. And for women to be like, ‘well you’re not,’… I will always fight for women’s rights; I will always want to be a part of the movement. It kind of hurts to hear, ‘Well, we don’t accept you,'” he said.

Meanwhile, guest Sydney Watson, a conservative commentator, argued that Katrina’s so-called “inclusive” language infringes on the rights of biological women.

“Gender neutrality and inclusion should not result in women feeling erased. When we say that being a woman is more than biology, we’re told that it, in fact, can extend to anyone. When we disagree with that, we’re called transphobic,” she said.

This episode of “Dr. Phil” couldn’t have come at a better time. As it stands, right now the transgender lobby holds extreme levels of institutional power, with virtually every company, school, newspaper, and even government agency catering to their demands.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has whole sections on its website dedicated to so-called “pregnant people.”

Also, after the recent Nashville mass shooting by a transgender woman, major newspapers apologized for so-called “misgendering” the mass murderer.

The transgender lobby’s influence is slowly but surely inspiring pushback from a greater number of women, especially as it pertains to women’s sports.

One of the biggest problems with the modern transgender movement is that activists have been demanding to compete alongside biological women, never mind the tangible harm it’s causing to both women and girls:


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