‘Either a punk or a pervert!’ Pastor removed by 5 cops after blasting Texas school board over graphic book

Mic cuts and police escorts marked a pastor’s school board stand against graphic content made available to Texas school students.

“…you’re either a punk or a pervert.”

As depravity and indoctrination have become increasingly prevalent in classrooms across the country, witnesses have often wondered at the question, “Where are the men?” In seeking them out, Pastor John Amanchukwu also provided the answer as he called out the Midland Independent School District for permitting “PUSH” to be on the shelves in the Legacy High School library.

“This needs to be removed tonight!” Amanchukwu demanded after reading various excerpts from the book by Sapphire that, as investigative journalist Sarah Fields pointed out, depicted “p*dophilia, rape, molestation, abuse, pervasive vulgarity, and racism.”

A video shared by fields showed as the pastor recouped his time after first having his mic cut, Tuesday night, only to have it cut again after he asserted, “We have six men on this board and I want to say these men that [are] on this board, if you don’t remove this book, you’re either a punk or a pervert.”

Warning: Graphic Content

In a separate video shared by Turning Point USA, to which Amanchukwu contributes, his undeterred stand had him slamming his hand down on the lectern after his microphone was turned off and shouting, “I got a gavel too. Here is the gavel. That’s my gavel. The gavel is the truth.”

“Remove the trash,” he added as cops surrounded him. “Take it out tonight.”

With a series of pictures from the school board meeting, the pastor wrote on X, “I’m in Midland, TX, getting ready to read from a book titled PUSH, that graphically depicts, rape, molestation, abuse, [pervasive] vulgarity, and racism!” and shared some of the obscene text that had been nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the Outstanding Literary Work of Fiction category and inspired the 2009 film “Precious.”

“I been knowing a man put his d*** in you, gush white stuff in your booty you could get pregnant. I’m twelve now, I been knowing about that since I was five or six, maybe I always known about p**** and d***,” one excerpt read as another said, “Daddy put his pee-pee smelling thing in my mouth, my p****, but never hold me. I see me, first grade, pink dress dirty sperm stuffs on it. No one comb my hair.”

After five cops had removed Amanchukwu for confronting the school board over the book’s availability despite that be a violation of Texas law, one of the board members appeared to confront the pastor over the parting assertion of being a “punk or a pervert.”

“I’m no pervert,” the man said prompting the challenge, “So are you going to remove the book?”

“Thank you! Give this man a hand,” the pastor added when the board member repeated he was going to do what he could to get it removed. “We need just that right there. A man spoke up, and he took it to the heart and he got angry, he got upset, and he wants to come out and shake my hand.”

For raising his voice, refusing to be silenced, stirring a response from the board and acting as an example to others, Amanchukwu was widely cheered.

Kevin Haggerty


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