Elon Musk reveals two ‘very mentally ill’ individuals tried on two occasions to kill him

Elon Musk and Dr. Gad Saad had a free-wheeling chat on X Spaces where the billionaire revealed that two armed “very mentally ill” people tried to assassinate him.

The glitchy interview took place Sunday evening with Saad, who is a professor and evolutionary behavioral scientist. They talked about “the woke mind virus,” Musk’s preference for audiobooks, xAI, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Gemini. There were a number of times that Musk was there and then wasn’t. After ten minutes, a glitch halted the interview on X altogether but it resumed shortly thereafter.

“This is like the Ron DeSantis opening thing,” Saad quipped when Musk was cut off. “Where’s he? Where’s Elon?”

He tried to reconnect with Musk on X Spaces, joking, “Maybe Don Lemon kidnapped him.” Musk returned and said there was a bug that needed fixing and he would see it got handled. It happened a couple more times but the interview was still excellent.

During the sit-down, Musk noted that two disturbed individuals allegedly attempted to kill him in Austin, Texas.

The reveal came toward the end of the one-hour interview. Musk commented on his fame and that it is something he has had to deal with when he goes out in public. He remarked that people are very nice but he can’t even go to a restaurant without mobs of fans wanting to take selfies with him.

“I can’t easily go to the mall or a movie theater or walk around without creating a ruckus,” he told Saad.

“Do you have security around in your daily life?” Saad asked.

“Yes. It’s very rare for me to get death threats,” Musk responded. “I have had two cases in the last six months where two people, unfortunately very mentally ill, came to try to kill me in Austin with guns.”

This isn’t the first time that someone has physically threatened Musk. In December 2022, he put out a video of a “crazy stalker” who was following his vehicle which had his son inside. At that point, Musk suspended X accounts for “doxxed real-time location info” because they posed a threat to himself and his family.

During the interview with Saad, Musk pranked the professor as well.

He greeted Saad in a squeaky voice and the professor played along.

“All right, so how are you doing, Elon?” Saad asked Musk, who responded in a high-pitched, helium-infused voice, stating, “I’m doing great.”

“What? Wait a minute, I’m hearing a weird voice, who is this?” Saad jokingly responded.

Musk adjusted his voice to normal and the professor informed him, “You’re freaking me out, Elon.

Then the billionaire played what was intended to sound like a thunderstorm but sounded more like someone was flushing the toilet.

There were other humorous moments as well.

The interview was a mix of humor, high-tech AI discussion, and personal revelations. Despite the glitches, it was very much worth listening to.


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