Embattled ‘Squad’ member hit with plagiarism accusations

Embattled “Squad” member Rep. Jamaal Bowman, already under fire for his gross antisemitism, now faces allegations that he plagiarized his 2019 dissertation while obtaining his Doctor of Education degree.

The accusation comes from The Daily Wire, which published a startling report Friday identifying multiple instances of plagiarized content in Bowman’s 2019 dissertation.

In fact, the dissertation — titled “Community Schools: The Perceptions and Practices that Foster Broad-Based Collaboration among Leaders with the Community School Ecosystem” — is “riddled with basic errors, failures of logic, and multiple instances of plagiarism,” according to The Daily Wire.

For example, in the dissertation, Bowman defined critical race theory by seeming to outright steal the definition from University of Delaware professor Rosalie Rolón-Dow’s book, “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction.”

“He takes the passages from R. Rolon-Dow without quotation marks, as required by academic authors,” The Daily Wire notes. “In the copied passage, Bowman merely substitutes ‘Latino/Latina’ with ‘Latinx/Latina,’ following the latest academic fashion.”

“He also inserts a typo by changing ‘the intersection between race/ethnicity and caring’ to ‘the intersection between race/ethnicity caring,'” the report continues.

The guy even reportedly copied Rolon-Dow’s list of citations, with the only difference being that he added her name to the list.

In multiple other instances, Bowman allegedly simply copied and pasted content from other sources without using any quotations or citations.

“The study also found that relatedly, risk for exposure to adversity is not evenly distributed across racial and ethic subgroups,” one passage reads. “Hispanic and Black children have disproportionally high rates of maltreatment victimization (USDHHS, 2016) and disproportionally grow up in disadvantaged communities (p. 392).”

Now here’s what the original passage from authors Hunt, Berger, and Slack looks like: “Relatedly, risk for exposure to adversity is not evenly distributed across racial and ethnic subgroups. Hispanic and Black children have disproportionally high rates of maltreatment victimization (USDHHS, 2015) and disproportionally grow up in disadvantaged communities.”

In the dissertation, Bowman also appeared to promote segregation by arguing that non-white students learn better from non-white teachers.

“Being ‘just like the children she served’ allowed ‘a Black female principal’ to ‘enact[] Critical Care as part of her transformational leadership,’ the paper said, referring to the version of Critical Theory that Bowman describes deploying on schoolchildren,” according to The Daily Wire.

Worse, Bowman reportedly made the case that an educator/teacher allegedly being “oppressed” is more important than being competent.

“One can conclude that personal experiences, as opposed to professional learning or training, creates the perceptions and practices that were trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and community-driven,” Bowman wrote, adding that “exemplary academic performance or professional development” was less important than “personal experiences” such as growing up as a fellow member of the minority “community.”

These findings come as Bowman faces increasing heat over his blatant antisemitism — so much heat, in fact, that he’s just now finally apologized for having initially dismissed reports about the brutal rape and violence that Hamas committed during the Oct. 7th terror attack.

“There was propaganda used in the beginning of the siege,” Bowman said at a November 2023 rally in New York City. “There’s still no evidence of beheaded babies or raped women. But they still keep using that lie [for] propaganda.”

Asked about this claim by a caller on a local radio show this week, Bowman finally backed down and apologized.

“Immediately when the UN provided additional evidence, I voted to condemn the sexual violence,” he said. “I apologize for my comments, and now we’re continuing to do the work to fight sexual violence and domestic violence in all its forms.”

Responding to The Daily Wire’s reporting on Bowman’s alleged plagiarism, critics didn’t seem surprised given his previous behavior and antics.


Vivek Saxena


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