Ex-chief of staff Stephanie Grisham mocks Melania Trump for honoring mothers

CNN’s fixation on disparaging former President Donald Trump is standard fare, especially with the November election fast approaching, but network host Erin Burnett took that to a whole different level on Monday when she set her sights on former First Lady Melania Trump.

The pettiness of Trump haters came shining through when Burnett featured Melania’s former chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, who long ago went to the dark side, in a segment focused on how Mrs. Trump is spending her time — a segment based on pure speculation and plenty of spite.

“She’s out now selling a new jewelry line, a necklace for Mother’s Day, $245,” Burnett said before suggesting that Melania may be trying to raise money for her billionaire husband’s legal defense in response to the lawfare being waged against him by Democrats.

“She calls it, quote, ‘Her Love and Gratitude.’ Nothing on the websites suggests that the money raised is going to charity or anything like that. Do you have any sense of what she could be selling the jewelry for? I mean, is this just money for herself? Money, to raise money for the legal defense where Trump’s been trying left and right and center to raise money. What’s it for?” Burnett asked Grisham.

“So, I try not to laugh at the thought that she would be raising money for his defense. I’m so sorry, that’s absolutely not going to be it,” Grisham said, pushing an established talking point on the left that Melania is unhappy in her marriage to the former president.

After accusing the Trump campaign of “using so many people who are contributing,” Grisham claimed without any knowledge whatsoever that Melania is “doing it for herself.”

“Had I been advising her, I would have said a couple of things. Number one, ‘This is the first day of your husband’s criminal trial and you’re going to hawk some jewelry? Probably not a very good look,'” she continued. “And then yeah, I would have at least said, ‘Hey, are we going to give this to some kind of an initiative for children?’ Or, you know, her mother did just pass, so perhaps it would go to some kind of a, whether it’s Alzheimer’s, cancer, something, some proceeds. But instead, it just says, ‘Here you go, buy this for $245.'”

Melania’s mother died earlier this year and she advertised the necklace on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12, though there is no mention of where the proceeds will go.

“Let’s honor and celebrate all mothers with love and gratitude,” she posted on X:

Grisham concluded by speculating that Mrs. Trump has no problem with her husband being criminally targeted by Democratic prosecutors looking to impact the 2024 election

“And, then, another thing that you had said at the beginning of your segment is that, you know, she finds this to be a disgusting trial, or I forget what the word is. But, if that were the case, she would at least put that out on X,” she said. “She would say something. Melania Trump absolutely does what she wants to do. And if she felt this was a disgrace, she would say something.”

Tom Tillison


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