‘F—k pro-lifers!’ Violent college students shut down pro-life event, peaceful attendees forced to leave!

A group of violent far-left “Antifa” activists successfully hijacked and shut down a pro-life event Wednesday at Virginia Commonwealth University, going so far as to throw punches and get arrested in the process.

“Two people were arrested Wednesday night after a fight occurred at [a pro-life] event on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University,” the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported after the event concluded.

“VCU police arrested Natalie Hoskins III, a 22-year-old Richmond resident, who was charged with simple assault. Also arrested was Anthony Marvin, a 30-year-old Richmond resident who was charged with disorderly conduct. Neither is affiliated with VCU,” the paper added.

Hosted by the school’s Students for Life chapter, the event was for Kristan Hawkins, a pro-life activist currently on a “Lies Pro-Choicers Believe” tour.

But instead of being allowed to talk and share her perspective — let alone answer questions and respond to criticism — Hawkins was shouted down the whole time.

Watch (*Graphic language):

According to Students for Life, the activists chanted “f–k pro-lifers,” “Nazis go home,” and “fascists go home.”

At one point, the activists started becoming violent.

“Protestors carried signs for Black Lives Matter and Transgender power, using them to sometimes assault those in the crowd who were recording the chaos,” Students for Life reported.

“As a series of altercations unfolded, a number of pro-life students and SFLA staff were assaulted resulting in several complaints filed and EMTs called to the scene to treat injuries. Autumn Walser, president of Students for Life at VCU, received an injury to her leg while a fellow student suffered cuts and scratches from aggressive protestors clawing at her,” the organization added.

Thankfully, some of the violent perpetrators were arrested.

Watch what appears to be one arrest below:

Eventually, security told everybody to leave, including the pro-lifers, but the far-left activists refused to go. In response, security instead removed Hawkins and her co-speaker, Isabel Brown, and escorted them “into a locked room for about two hours,” ostensibly for their safety, according to Brown.

Meanwhile, the “violent protesters walked free & stood in line for Chick fil A,” Brown claimed on Twitter following the ordeal.

“Why the violent protesters weren’t removed, but two pro-life women were, still baffles me,” she added.


The only good news is that the reaction from those in positions of power has been correct, starting with Virginia House Speaker Todd Gilbert, a Republican.

“The incident at Virginia Commonwealth University yesterday is another sad episode of free speech being shouted down on college campuses across our nation. The behavior and actions of the students opposed to the pro-life speakers is appalling. So was the reaction of university officials who shut down the event, rather than protecting the free speech of those invited to campus,” he said in a statement.

“College campuses are supposed to be crucibles of free speech and debate. It is where we are challenged to think for ourselves, defend our ideals, and develop different and better understandings of the people around us. What we are seeing on campuses across the nation, and now in Richmond, are students intentionally insulating themselves from challenges to what they believe and instead, demand an echo chamber that validates what they already believe. This does not prepare them for life after college,”  he added.

View the full statement below:

The university has also come to the defense of the pro-life speakers, with spokesperson Michael Porter saying the school is “disappointed” that the Students for Life event was disrupted.

“VCU is committed to promoting a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors so that the right to gather and speak freely is protected. We must extend dignity and respect to others, especially those with whom we disagree,” he said.

Vivek Saxena


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