‘Fire everybody’: Keith Olbermann’s epic meltdown over AP Trump piece inspires mockery

Leftist Keith Olbermann is raging mad at the Associated Press for committing the rare crime of unbiased journalism.

Keep in mind that the AP is a left-wing outlet that has repeatedly broken the rules of unbiased journalism to hurt Republicans and prop up Democrats. The examples are numerous: here, here, here.

Nevertheless, on Thursday the left-wing paper published a decent-enough story titled “Cheers, cake and a fist-bump from GOP as Trump returns to Capitol Hill in a first since Jan. 6 riot.”

“Donald Trump made a triumphant return to Capitol Hill on Thursday, his first with lawmakers since the Jan.6, 2021 attacks, embraced by energized House and Senate Republicans who find themselves reinvigorated by his bid to retake the White House,” the first paragraph reads.

There was little bias about the story, save the reference to the Jan. 6th RIOT, not “attacks.” For the most part, the AP was simply factually reporting that Republicans were happy as heck to see former President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill.

But for just reporting the unadulterated, unfiltered, unbiased truth, the AP is now facing Olbermann’s notorious wrath:

“I am surprised to find that the Associated @AP Press is still in business today after it published this wanton, biased, compromised, prostituted, unsurvivable pile of Trump-sucking propaganda yesterday,” he tweeted Friday. “Goebbels would have been embarrassed. Fire everybody.”

Anger management problems there, bud?

As of Saturday morning, Olbermann’s post boasted only about 2,000 likes, despite him having nearly a million followers. SAD.

Meanwhile, virtually all of the comment replies to his post were stinging rebukes of his disturbed, crazy left-wing insanity.


But it wasn’t just him! Thousands — THOUSANDS — of unhinged leftists rushed to the social media platform X on Thursday to blast the AP for conducting journalism. How dare they!

Here’s just a sample of the deranged left in action. Take note of those who responded by showing the AP the ridiculously biased, goofy manner in which they would have written the story:

The Trump campaign responded to this insanity by blaming President Joe Biden and his rabid supporters.

“Joe Biden and his supporters are now showing they are anti-press and in favor of punishing anyone who does not parrot their propaganda. They are a threat to democracy,” a Trump campaign spokesperson told Fox News.

Vivek Saxena


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