‘Former Obama guy’ gets wrecked after taking issue with cops having guns at campus protests

When it comes to those on the left who want to confiscate guns and strip Americans of their God-given right to self-defense, they are always moving the goalpost in their quest for success.

A key argument gun-grabbers present is that police have guns when they seem to be okay with it — until they’re not.

Case in point, a tweet from a self-described “former Obama guy” who sits on a police oversight board and runs a tea company that sells “premium and rare teas sourced solely from current war zones and post-conflict countries.”

Taking issue with the police response to the increasingly militant antisemitic protests around the country, Brandon Friedman shared a photo of what appears to be two armed law enforcement officers on a college campus — it’s not clear what agency the officers are with.

“These two law enforcement officers, dressed for combat against college kids with tents and signs, are carrying four guns like absolute clowns,” Friedman tweeted.

The photo appears to be from the University of Virginia, which cleared the campus of pro-Palestine rabble-rousers over the weekend.

Here’s a sampling of what police were up against that Friedman conveniently ignored:

Social media users were quick to note that not all of the protesters were students. In fact, a large number appear not to be. But then, Friedman knows this.

Here is a sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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