Georgia man shoots himself during ‘road rage’ meltdown

A hotheaded Georgia motorist likely wishes that he had kept his cool after shooting himself during an episode of road rage after he became impatient with workers directing traffic during a lumber delivery, exiting his vehicle and waving a gun at them.

The incident went down early Thursday morning in Dallas, an exurb of Atlanta located around 38 miles northwest of the downtown area where the driver flipped out at the two workers in reflective vests assisting the truck driver who was dropping off his load, raving and waving the firearm which accidentally discharged as he was trying to put it back into the holster, prompting calls to police who responded to the scene, further contributing to delays as a result of having to shut the road down while they investigated.

According to a statement posted to the Facebook page of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 7:46 AM Paulding E-911 was contacted regarding an assault that occurred with a firearm where a motorist was shot. Responding Deputies were informed by 911 operators that one of the 911 callers was the actual aggressor who stated that he accidentally shot himself during the confrontation. Dispatchers advised that the individual who shot himself left the scene and was driving to get medical attention. When Deputies finally caught up to the aggressor, he was at Paulding Fire Station 1 attempting to get medical attention.”

“Deputies got conflicting stories from the aggressor and when they spoke with the individuals on the scene, they realized what actually occurred. Deputies learned, once they spoke with the victims and multiple witnesses, that some individuals were making a lumber delivery to 8033 Buchanan Highway Dallas, GA 30157. While making the delivery, two men were wearing reflective vests trying to direct traffic so the truck could deliver the lumber,” the Sheriff’s office said.

(Image: Screengrab/Facebook)

“The suspect/aggressor, who was clearly impatient and annoyed by the delay, got out of his vehicle and threatened the men who were directing traffic by pointing his gun at them. As the suspect was getting back into his vehicle, Deputies believe he accidentally shot himself in the hand as he was re-holstering his pistol. According to witnesses and the victims, the suspect told the men he shot himself and to call 911. It was then that the suspect fled the scene to get medical attention,” the statement read. “Deputies closed the roadway in order for Crime Scene Investigations to take photographs and collect evidence. The evidence collected by Detectives was consistent with what the witnesses and victims stated occurred.”

An arrest has not been made but detectives plan on having a talk with the wounded road rager once he is released from the hospital where he was being treated.

“I just want to know how hard the lumber delivery guys laughed,” cracked one Facebook user.

“Please say it’s Alec Baldwin,” quipped another.

Another Facebook user wrote, “If this case is as it currently appears I do hope he is charged. Don’t care about the instant karma… you can’t pull a gun on people for that and our authorities need to make that crystal clear.”

“Some people have the patience of a 2 year old. Somehow they think they’re too important to have to wait like everyone else. With a little patience, he’d have been on his way to his destination, but instead he ended up at the hospital and next up will be jail,” another opined.

“Detectives have not made an arrest in this case yet. However, once the suspect gets released from the hospital, Detectives will interview him and make the determination whether or not he will face charges. If you saw this incident occur or have any audio or video recordings of the incident,” the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office said.

Chris Donaldson


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