‘God bless Florida’: Miami cops drag anti-Israel agitators off the road, deliver justice

Pro-Palestine protesters caused havoc all across the country Monday in the furtherance of the monied campaign to pressure President Joe Biden to stop supporting Israel’s right to self-defense against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Whether it was shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or blocking the highway access to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, the left-wing protesters temporarily brought everyday life to a standstill — but not in Gov. Ron DeSantis’ free state of Florida.

This is not to say that there were no anti-Israel protests, as activists attempted to block the entrance to PortMiami only to find themselves dragged from the street and arrested.

“In Florida, we drag these people out of the road and arrest them,” tweeted DeSantis communications director Bryan Griffin.

More than 100 protesters gathered in front of Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami, only to be countered by City of Miami police officers in riot gear, on horseback, and on motorcycles, along with state troopers and armored vehicles, according to 7 Miami News.

“Several protesters were also seen being dragged from the street by police after they tried to lie down and block traffic to PortMiami. After repeatedly trying to block traffic, some were arrested by the police,” the affiliate reported. “According to Miami Police, seven people were arrested due to obstructing traffic and refusing to remain in the designated area. They were charged with Obstructing Traffic and Breach of the Peace/unlawful assembly.”

Official X account for the Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles tweeted in response to the report, “In Florida, anyone who blocks traffic will be immediately arrested. This includes any act that obstructs the normal flow of traffic, such as standing, approaching, or endangering the safe movement of vehicles or pedestrians.”

Meanwhile, in San Francisco and Chicago, law enforcement stood idly by while gridlock gripped their cities.

The end result in “FAFO” Florida is better behaved left-wing agitators:

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story, to include DeSantis aide Christina Pushaw adding, “Protesting is a right — but you don’t have any right to infringe on others’ freedom of movement. If you block traffic while protesting in Florida, don’t be surprised when you are arrested.”

Tom Tillison


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