GOP lawmaker to boycott Biden SOTU address: ‘I will not show up and listen to him continue to lie’

Illinois Rep. Mary Miller, a Republican, plans to boycott President Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address as per his incessant, shameless lies.

“I will not be attending. I do not plan to show up to and listen to him continue to lie,” she this Saturday in a Breitbart News interview, adding that Biden’s “entire presidency has been filled with lie after lie.”

“And I’m not going to sit there and listen to him lie and then watch the media and other members of Congress applaud him his lies,” she continued.

Listen to the whole interview below:

Miller then proceeded to list just a handful of the dozens, if not hundreds, of lies that President Biden has told during his presidency.

“Whether it’s the border, claiming that our border is secure while we are being invaded. By the time his presidency is over, we could have 12 to 14 million terrorists, fentanyl dealers, child traffickers, and an entire welfare state entering our country,” she said.

“He’s lied about our energy prices, saying he supports gas and energy when on day one he canceled the Keystone Pipeline, and his EPA is targeting American energy producers. I mean, I could go on and on with his lies,” she added.

So could anyone who’s been paying attention. The president lies all the time, especially about his deceased son, Beau Biden, who for the record did not die while fighting in Iraq.

Continuing her remarks, Miller said that she decided to give her SOTU tickets to a colonel who was reportedly forced to retire because of his refusal to get jabbed.

“That’s another problem with Joe Biden’s administration is what they’re doing to our military,” she said, adding that “recruitment couldn’t be lower.”

“We are at a dangerous place and then they are still on a path to discharge members for not taking the vaccine or they refuse to reinstate members that have been discharged for not taking the vaccine,” she explained.

“They are not moving forward, and what I’m hearing is people are not being reinstated or their benefits being reinstated. … The Biden administration, I don’t know what their overall plan is, but they’re destroying our military and even with the woke agenda, China has to be laughing at us,” she added.

That said, she believes the only way out is via the 2024 election, i.e., via a new president.

“Elections have consequences, bottom line. … I think we need to focus on the next election and getting strong leaders in there. President Trump was a strong leader. The whole world was at peace when he was there, because they were afraid of him. … Peace through strength is the policy that we should be pursuing. Biden has shown nothing but weakness,” she said.

Weakness and lies indeed.

Speaking of the latter, what sort of lies exactly does he intend to say during his SOTU address? According to The Hill, he “likely” plans to “reiterate his calls for Congress to raise the debt limit without conditions, arguing that it is a congressional responsibility to send him a clean bill.”

That’s the exact opposite of what he said 15 years ago.

“Then-Senator Joe Biden refused to support a GOP-led effort to increase the debt ceiling, making arguments that closely reflect those advanced by Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party today,” according to Newsweek.

“My vote against the debt limit increase cannot change the fact that we have incurred this debt already, and will no doubt incur more. It is a statement that I refuse to be associated with the policies that brought us to this point,” he said at the after voting against an increase of the debt ceiling.

McConnell was quick to point to these words in a letter he penned to the president on Saturday.

“You explained on the Senate floor that your ‘no’ votes did not mean you wanted the majority to let the country default, but rather that the President’s party had to take responsibility for a policy agenda which you opposed. Your view then is our view now,” he wrote.

The biggest lies told during the president’s upcoming SOTU address will probably pertain to the economy.

“Do I take any blame for inflation? No. Because it was already there when I got here, man. … Jobs were hemorrhaging, inflation was rising, we weren’t manufacturing a damn thing here, we were in real economic difficultly, that’s why I don’t,” the president said as recently as Friday.


As noted by critics, the man’s a liar.



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