Gretchen Whitmer reveals what she must think of her constituents

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer revealed what she must really think of constituents in her state with a logic-defying video announcing a new education policy.

The Democrat governor, who had seriously been touted as a possible presidential contender, delivered the eye-popping – and somewhat disturbing – video announcement on Tuesday along with something called Professor Potato.

Along with her “spud” jokes, the woman Michigan voters put in charge of their state tried to be trendy and seemed to have failed epically.

Teasing her plan to offer two years of “free” community college to high school graduates, Whitmer teamed up with the talking potato to deliver the highlights of the policy she will likely push during her State of the State speech on Wednesday.

It is not clear why Whitmer thought high schoolers looking for a college education would take advice from a talking potato.

Whitmer’s posted video on X touted how the policy will “revolutionize higher education.”

“Hi Professor Potato! I wanted to share some Yukon-gold news with you, my best spud,” Whitmer says in the video.

Going on to say Michiganders deserve to go to college “without frying their bank account,” the Democrat leader said she was excited to “announce an a-peeling plan,” in the clip painfully filled with potato puns.

Perhaps more disturbing, Whitmer urged constituents to tune in to her annual speech as a potato herself.

(Image: Whitmer/X)

Reactions online were understandably critical, though some found an unexpected twist of humor at the expense of former CNN talking spud. Brian Stelter.

Frieda Powers


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