Gutfeld trolls Jessica with Biden joke on ‘The Five’ and The Daily Beast’s reporter is on it!

Daily Beast media reporter Justin Baragona seemed to prove that Fox News is living rent-free in the heads of the liberal media after he reported on a joke made by Greg Gutfeld.

The host of ratings smash “Gutfeld!” was engaged in his usual expert parodying of liberal pundits during a segment on “The Five” which seemed to catch Baragona’s attention, leading him to share a tweet with a Fox News screenshot.

Before going on in a follow-up tweet to note Gutfeld’s comments were a joke, Baragona’s tweet set off angry liberals who attacked Fox News because they were convinced the network was promoting violence.

“I’ve lived in several authoritarian regimes and this is more blatant and over-the-top than many of the state media propaganda networks in those countries,” professor and author Brian Klaas tweeted in reaction.

Others also expressed their outrage:

Baragona followed up to note that the show’s “liberal pundit Jessica Tarlov tried to throw Greg Gutfeld’s joke back in his face.”

The fact that Gutfeld had made a joke on “The Five” seemed to take some on the left by surprise, and Baragona was torched over his ace “reporting” on the Fox News clip.

Frieda Powers


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