Gwyneth Paltrow buried in avalanche of ridicule over ‘I lost half a day of skiing’ remark, fellow celebs join mockery

Social media users pounced on actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s haughty remarks during her skiing vacation crash trial that some see as being the epitome of the sneering condescension that the rich and famous have for the little people, an attitude of superiority and entitlement that has fueled a growing disgust with celebrities.

The 50-year-old actress has been testifying in Park City, Utah for the last several days in a trial over a collision with retired optometrist Terry Sanderson on the slopes at Deer Valley Resort in 2016, an accident that reportedly left the older man with serious injuries. He would go on to sue her, claiming that she was skiing in a reckless manner, and Paltrow responded by filing a countersuit.

The actress contends that the 76-year-old Sanderson is the one at fault and that he ran into her from behind, leading her to testify that she briefly believed that she was the victim of a practical joke and that she first thought that she was being sexually assaulted by a “perverted” skier.

“I was confused at first, and I didn’t know exactly what was happening. It’s a very strange thing to happen on the ski slope,” she said.

“My brain was trying to make sense of what was happening,” Paltrow added. “I thought, ‘Is this a practical joke? Is someone doing something perverted?’ This is really, really strange. My mind was going very, very quickly, and I was trying to ascertain what happened.”

While Sanderson reportedly suffered a traumatic brain injury and broken ribs, Paltrow claimed that the greatest loss for her in the “hit and run” incident is that it cost her half a day of skiing on what was an expensive outing at the posh resort, a remark that could very well come to define her in the minds of many as just another out of touch elite.

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“Well, I lost half a day of skiing,” she testified in court, a flippant remark that brought forth a blizzard of incredulity and mockery on social media, including from fellow actress and celeb Busy Philipps.

In her reaction to Paltrow’s already infamous comment, the 43-year-old movie and television star posted a picture of herself and actress Jen Tullock to her Instagram account with the caption.

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Twitter users also jumped on Paltrow’s expression of the very deep losses that she suffered as a result of the skiing mishap.

Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan writes of the absurdity of it all, “And wow, has Gwyneth been expressing herself all over this courtroom: The pouting, the puckering, the wan expressions of boredom, the barely-concealed texting during testimony. Choosing to wear $1,200 Celine Triomphe leather boots, a $1,600 Celine bag, her own $595 G. Label cardigan, $425 wide-leg pants and $65,000 in jewelry to trial. Nothing says relatable like wearing the equivalent of a down payment on a house.”

‘It’s real one-percent stuff, but it’s impossible to look away. Not as dark as Depp-Heard or as grave as Alec Baldwin’s forthcoming trial, Sanderson v. Paltrow is a celebrity trial for our shaky economic times: Two arrogant, out-of-touch people forced down to earth — or as close as they can get — in a battle for a few hundred thousand dollars and vindication,” Callahan opined.

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