Haters from across country try to destroy woman’s ‘Aussie-style’ sushi place in NYC, because she’s white

A blonde, white Australian woman named Alex Marks, who is also known as “Sushi Sheila,” is being hammered by leftists as a “colonizer” for daring to open an Aussie-style sushi restaurant in New York City.

Marks is an immigrant and a small business owner. Her business mimics on-the-go sushi counters in Australian shopping centers which are very popular there. She is being accused of cultural appropriation because evidently only someone who is Japanese is allowed to make and sell sushi in New York City according to the left.

“This particular style is served as uncut hand rolls and sometimes stuffed with cooked tuna or chicken teriyaki. They have their own singular spin on Asian cuisine Down Under, not that the naysayers, with their willful ignorance, took the time to learn,” the New York Post commented.

A North Carolina-based chef named Eric Rivera decided to be offended that she owns a West Village take-out spot serving sushi and proceeded to attack Marks online for it.

For being white and daring to sell sushi, Rivera and a number of others allegedly want Marks’ business canceled permanently. The chef’s parents are ironically from Puerto Rico. Earlier in the year he announced plans to open a Puerto Rican-Japanese fusion restaurant in Raleigh, NC.

He mocked a TikTok video of Marks telling her story of transitioning from a corporate attorney to a restaurant owner, calling her a “colonizer.”

“There aren’t enough good sushi places in NYC so time to open one!” Rivera wrote on X on October 20.

“But it’s ‘stralian sushi. Give me a break colonizer,” he sneered online, adding: “If you don’t see why this is a problem, you are the problem.”

That led to a pile-on by leftists who were more than happy to bully Marks over her so-called offense. It got so bad that Marks eventually just “wiped her TikTok account clean,” according to the New York Post.

One leftist on X named Deidree Golbourne, who goes by the handle Queer Latifah, slammed Marks for even daring to open her business, stating, “The contradiction & cognitive dissonance is maddening. [Marks] feels she can’t ‘afford’ decent sushi in NYC, a place that has one of the largest & vastly diverse Asian populations? So instead, she finances her own sushi spot. Colonization is white & quite scary to see in real time.”

“The last thing anyone needs are blonde hair, Australian white women appropriating Japanese cuisine,” one person wrote according to the Daily Mail. “We’re sick of the disrespect inflicted upon our cultures by white people, enough is enough.”

Another person viciously stated, “There are plenty of good AUTHENTIC sushi spots in this city and prices aren’t crazy. I suggest going to one of those. This is a colonizer sushi spot ran by a woman who thinks she can do better than actual Japanese people.”

Leftists tried to tank Marks’ reviews online but it apparently backfired after she was attacked. People defended her and managed to get her restaurant’s review average back up to 4.5 stars on Google, the New York Post reported.

The restaurant’s website offers “Australian-style” sushi, including teriyaki chicken, spicy tuna, and avocado and cucumber, for the incredible price of $5 a roll or three for $12.

“We do one thing (and we like to think we do it well) – Aussie-style hand rolls,” the website declares. “We may have a small footprint here in the West Village, but we have a big dream – to make fresh, yummy hand rolls you can afford every day of the week.”

Rivera, formerly from Seattle, has since made his social media account private as did Queer Latifah.


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